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Food, Exercise and Sleep Bring Good Health

Food and exercise bring good health to everyone.  As we eat food and exercise, all this food is processed in our bodies.  This can’t be done if we sit all the time with no exercise, almost no activity or laying around a lot.  Food works to rebuild what your body uses up. The social activity is good and we all need it a lot.

We can be social as we walk or jog or run or do different types of fun things that make us active.  We can even use a pool to exercise by.  Adult activities don’t mean you have to sit & watch all day long.  We all can interact with our children and grandchildren as we live life.  This is not a communist type place where everyone is treated as such where TV and lounging are the only way to relax.  There is more to life than just work which includes socializing and exercising.  This statement does not include being fit & muscular like all are trying to make it like.

The right food which includes the 4 food groups all day long from breakfast to supper is how we make our bodies work and rest too.  Going by the amounts from each food group will bring lots of energy and rest so our bodies stay strong and healthy.  Vegetables are good for us as adults as well as our children.

Our children get ill because they believe everything they see from us as adults.  We teach our kids what we do by setting everything we do in front of them as an example, which creates something we should get them to believe in as fact and not making them do something we don’t do.  That is totally unacceptable if you are a parent to your kids.  Don’t fool everyone when you want to become married as this is wrong if you have kids and leave them!  They will feel abandoned.

Good health from food is how we take our bodies through years of stress and aggravation as well as fun and love and decisions.  This is how we bring cures that everyone on TV seems to forget.  We need a balance inside to keep us from becoming ill like our little ones that are getting cancer or other illnesses.

Sleep is a great way to empty out our bodies of all kinds of toxins or what the nutrition has removed from our bodies.  Sleep for 8 hours will do your body good & will keep us well after eating & exercising.  Relaxation after exercising & then laying on the bed really gives your body back the strength & stamina you need as you go through the day or afternoon with more activities.  There is also a lot you don’t need to do if single or a parent.  Those who are parents & mothers should get their bodies rest when they can & as much as they can.  This helps with a lot of problems in health after mothers’ pregnancies.  I have found out a lot from recovering from my own injuries & learning how to rest & sleep as the body heals naturally if can have that type of recovery.  Try to make your lives as healthy as possible!


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Fat or Cholesterol (Good or Bad)

Fat or cholesterol whether good or bad is part of our lives.  This means that what we eat that has cholesterol or fat in it, sits until it clears out of our bodies.  We all need to evaluate our lives as well as our family members.  When evaluating, this fat or cholesterol is used in our bodies when we exercise as opposed to sitting all the time.  If we sit, we are clogging up our blood supply through our arteries, veins & capillaries.  Steak is one of them that can clog your blood supply if not exercising, running or jogging along with drinking juices or water.  The cholesterol whether good or bad will exit your system after 2 things usually: 1) sleep, 2) exercising.  Doctors in other countries help mankind better than our own.  It’s a wonder that when trying to get rid of the fat or cholesterol also that we don’t consider fruits because we are told sugar is bad for us.  Just like fat or cholesterol, sugar is another that needs help removing if not active & just sit all the time.  Our bodies can’t process much if all our systems are in limbo or at a standstill.  The lives we have should be used to go to parks or doing other family related activities for our children & us when we have days off for ourselves.

Fat or cholesterol really takes a toll on us too.  We end up going to the emergency room after having strokes or heart attacks because of what we listen to through media.  Media has put an awful lot of stress on us that keeps us from going out away from our homes.  We start to believe in what we hear as we sit in front of our TVs, along with letting our children just run wild and out on their own.  This is another way of how we let stress take over when we don’t set rules down & other bad people can run amok making a mess of us or our close family members.  Fat, cholesterol & stress will slow us down if we let all these forces destroy us.  These types of forces will ruin us if we let them.  I wish in a way that negativity in our media would slow down and bring back more positive thinking for us in order for us to have better lives and state of minds.  News is a big factor in negativity when there is nothing positive said as much as the negative is brought out.  Hope that people reading this will be encouraged to change or help others to change from the ways that fat, cholesterol, etc. are consuming our lives.

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What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

Have you ever found God as your personal savior? Are there other types of inspiring moments you have had that would inspire others? We all need these types of moments to bring us back from despair & desperation. Nothing else can happen without God’s hands intervening through others that are Angels coming from God who make a difference!

Odessa Gillespie Black-Best Selling Author

My daughter often jokes and says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, Mama. Don’t get mad, get pumped.” But I remember to days back in 2004 and I wonder how we made it through. To date, you all don’t know much about me. That’s my fault. I haven’t shared.

In 2004, my husband became ill and eventually went into a coma. The doctors told us many people hold the misconception that we can come to them and they can “fix it.” That wasn’t true for my husband. No one knew how he’d gotten ill or what to do to “fix him.” That puts a wife in a very helpless situation.

In July of 2004, Brant went into the hospital with respiratory symptoms that acted much like the flu. He was put on life support and within ten days came home. He had lost around 30 pounds and this made…

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Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder

Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder are two of the most problematic health illnesses we have as we get older & our bodies decide to override what we think is healthy for it.  These kidney or gallbladder stones do take a toll on us creating pain just below the stomach.  Gallbladder stones start out as a grain of sand & will get as big as an egg or marble.  This is all caused by too much cholesterol in the bile.  Be aware that being overweight & too much cholesterol or insulin are major factors within the levels in your body.  Gallbladder stones are compared to how pearls are made in an oyster shell.  This is how they start in your body & can be a real chaotic & painful mess within your body.  There are four main items we need to get rid of these monsters that give us a lot of pain as we get older.  Water is one of the best resources that help to remove these stones a little at a time.  These gallbladder & kidney stones aren’t easy to get rid of as they develop over a bunch of years as our bodies have been run through a pit that we as people decide on when we don’t think about what we do to them through the years.  Kidney or gallbladder stones can go on for years as they grow & are left to be treated by doctors.  There are natural ways other than doctors to get rid of these stones that are untreated for long periods of time.  How do you get rid of these kidney and gallbladder stones that never go away as quick as you want them too?  One way is to pick it out like you would from an oyster shell when realizing it is as big as a pearl.  Take this last scenario with a grain of salt!

Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder means that there are minerals that are low or missing from your diet.  One of these minerals can create osteoporosis if the body doesn’t have enough of it.  Another mineral that we all use that helps these stones go away is part of what is in “Milk of Magnesia” dealing with constipation.  These three minerals work to get rid of kidney stones that are very painful & using a lot of water also will reduce the size of the kidney stones & balance the acid-alkaline levels in your body.  They are calcium, magnesium & potassium as they all are the needed essential minerals for getting the recommended daily amounts that will help to reduce & dissolve the crystallized substance that makes up the kidney stones from problems with urination.  They won’t go away overnight & will take a couple of days if water with  calcium & magnesium used in the right quantities.  This is still all considered to be a balancing act within your body’s systems.  Your body needs a lot of different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils & water to keep it at the right balance in order to function properly.  Life without the right & proper essentials for nutrition will definitely create health problems.

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Ohh So You Don’t Work Out Cos You Have No Motivation…

Love knowing there are people who strive to be better even when it hurts to move. I love this post!

Jesse-b PT

I am seeing a trend, people saying that they don’t exercise because they just don’t have the motivation or the time (BUT I shall attack ‘TIME’ another time, perhaps when I have ‘more time’… No, WHEN I MAKE THE TIME – but that will be another time, excuse my puns! hehe . Well readers I am going to share the secret on how to work out with or without motivation, and yes it is actually possible…



This may come to a shock to most but I don’t actually enjoy working out, I mean there are lots of times when I don’t want to train and getting off my butt seems like is a real chore. It’s rare I get ready to hit the gym, for PT or to go for a run all excited and full of energy. The gym doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies, either does running…

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Active or Inactive

Active or Inactive

Where are you at?  Are you active or inactive?  Read more about being active if you are inactive for any period of time.  relaxing is good after being active for some period of the day.  Active is good for all people.  Activity & doing something is better than no activity at all.  Tasks that you do & doing activities outside or inside will give your body the necessary health & happiness that you & your body acquire.  Your body when active & doing activities shines & keeps your body in great shape.  Active is exercising, running, jogging, walking, working out, doing calisthenics, lifting weights, stretching & moving around continuously.  These activities use up the stored energy you have making blood flow, increase good health, help to remove toxic waste from your body & brings your body to a lively state.  As you are active all day long, your body also needs to keep that energy going by providing it with good & healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals, meat & dairy.  These are the 5 basic food groups that your body needs to produce the energy you need.  Activities for your body will make you grow, make you muscular, bring on good vibes all day long, become who you want, what you want out of life, strengthen you & bring that great personality out that is inside of you.  Eating good after your body is rested will help your body use that food to nourish & bring you the energy when you need to be active again.

Active or inactive & where does this lead you?  Inactive people are not as healthy & need lots of medical attention in various parts of their body.  Being inactive & not trying to get any activity out of your body just fills it up & never moves the blood flow, brings more blood pressure up for longer periods of time, & also creates a lot of health problems if inactive for long periods of time.  Your body will bring on plaque & cholesterol within your arteries, blood vessels, capillaries which drain the heart of your blood as it becomes harder to work & then stops working all together.  Your weight increases, you lose the passion for doing anything, you wonder if you can actually let others see you like this at all, you drop further & further in your comfort zone that destroys how you want to really look & feel about yourself etc.  Your social life decreases as you don’t want others to see you the way you look.  Being inactive also brings on headaches, pain everywhere, your moods sink to very low levels which make you think of eating again just to improve how you feel & your moods also.  Your health drops & you then feel very fatigued after you get out & actually try to be active at all.  Then you are at the limit of not doing anything because you feel you haven’t been able to accomplish anything that you were trying to do.  This is a very vicious cycle your body gets into.  Inactivity will lead you to depression, no sleep, will make life miserable, bring you to a depressive state of mind, body & soul, leave you gasping for breath, & eventually to death.  Living in this type of way will never improve you at all.  I for one had to get out of this stage when I was in a wreck & left me in almost a paralytic stage after having a compressed disc in my lower back where you need to put pressure when leaning over like mopping or pushing a broom.  I learned that when in that stage, you will do almost anything to overcome it & takes twice as long to get rid of the weight & bring a good mood back after taking the prescribed medications from doctors that relieve the pain & stiffness.  It takes a mind, body & nerves of steel to overcome everything that you need to do to work all this down to your stronger self.  This brings you back to needing the active life your body is craving.  I do hope for all of you who read this to pass this along to others you know who are in dire need of becoming active if they are just sitting around without any sense of worth at all.  This means that you will need to take them out & get them moving again even if they don’t want to.

Thanks to all of you who have been impressed by my posts as well as those who are just seeing my blog & posts for the very first time.