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Beppe Trattoria – NYC Fine Dining Italian Restaurant — Lyssy in the City

Hi friends, welcome back! I alluded to quite a few future restaurant posts in my Foodie Friday posts, and now I’m finally getting back to them. This past November, Beppe Trattoria invited me to check out their new restaurant on 56th Street near Columbus Circle and Central Park. Beppe opened in September 2021 and offers a […]

Beppe Trattoria – NYC Fine Dining Italian Restaurant — Lyssy in the City

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How to Fix/Repair A Compressed Disc and Broken Bones

Here is how to fix/repair a compressed disc and broken bones generally, that is to go from what a doctor does to get you started in meds for pain killers. inflammation, etc., including muscle relaxers for a compressed disc. Broken bones and having a compressed disc isn’t easy or fun at all. First is taking everything the doctor prescribes for medications & getting some time to start the healing process. Second is taking everything you can accumulate as in eating or drinking of energy drinks & protein shake mixes combined with water and coffee or anything else to help get you started in the rehabilitation process. Third is actually getting the training your body required when you were growing to make your body strong again by getting your health back including immunity, strength, stamina, etc. in order to be as strong as you once were. This will include a lot of exercising using the exercises that a doctor or whoever you see when rehabilitating from broken bones or even a compressed disc like I have had to do. Fourth will be to find out by testing your broken bones or a compressed disc by working in the kitchen or anything that is a small task for whatever you broke; also, the compressed disc like I have.

Part 1: After seeing the doctor, taking the medications, getting the rest you need and eating balanced meals which include anything that particularly can get all 4 food groups in 1 dish at supper, the same for breakfast and something light for lunch. I will remind you that your 4 food groups should include all fruits and vegetables, grains including breads and cereals, meat, milk and add beverages which include a lot of water, juices, etc. When you are making soups, include the bone material from cows or chickens that provide what is needed for your mending and filling up what is needed during the mending process. This accounts for what a doctor wants when your body doesn’t have enough good cells if happen to need bone marrow and called “Bone Marrow Transplant”. Having the bones boiled will help to get bone marrow you need by cleaning out the marrow within the bone material and use it to add to any lunch or supper, which saves someone that had to be a donor for this specific problem. Do not let anyone tell you that you need to spend money when there can be problems that can be fixed naturally. Your body should start repairing itself as the days and weeks go by, possibly months and years if had a compressed disc to mend from any kind of accident which is most generally better if operations are not used when having a compressed disc at all.

Part 2: This should be your time of completing the waiting and resting, including the relaxation that your body needs where broken bones should be close to repaired/fixed. The part for a compressed disc takes longer in healing and should take a more delicate way of recovering. Broken bones being fixed and ultimately being strong as you can make them, including having the stamina to use your broken body parts wherever they are, should be worked out by doing all kinds of stretches, sit-ups, pushups if not for a broken wrist or forearm, lifting, carrying, twisting by getting a range that is normal for arms, legs, upper and lower body at waist. This all helps in knowing if you are ready for work again when providing for your family like you were doing before. When having a compressed disc, it took me longer than most since I had a tear or two in the spinal discs that hold a gel inside that takes away from the flexibility and agility within your spinal column. This put a big damper on what I could do and how to use natural foods and oils. It also took from anything an adult uses every day. I had to use some baby goods or foods that naturally had essential fatty acids and amino acids that aren’t exactly left in everyday foods that really hinder what used to be a known in eating. I had to really dig in and check the ingredients in all cereals, breads, cheese, meats, fruits and vegetables and beverages to allow me to find what I could use to make the required ingredients or foods to bring back what I didn’t have available. I went online a lot to look up what to get online for a lower price than in stores when on a fixed income. I took over 25 years to get past the compressed disc problem, including the required time to get my health back and recover almost to perfect when I was growing up. When doing any exercises, I do a lot of leg lifts since my compressed discs were at the lower part of my waist and where I bend a lot. These leg lifts were done to help bring what I could use for natural foods including baby oatmeal that has a lot of required nutrients which can make a natural gel instead of having a doctor inject a huge amount of steroids in me. I used sweet potato pies at the store & pumpkin pies for natural steroids. I also got sweet potatoes and made me a few sweet potatoes from the oven to get the natural steroids I needed in my lower back, along with doing exercises I could do to help move the food through my body. It takes a lot of energy and needed quite a few energy drinks with water to keep the energy that is put in those drinks to keep cartilage soft & pliable. It also helps to keep your blood from clotting and moving through your internal systems as well, which help in being able to move around too.

Part 3: This is the required training to put your body through in order to know the usage of body parts after they have repaired/fixed, and make sure there will be no more breaks again for a long time if possible. This is going through exercises, then trying out the mended parts to make them stronger, as you eat and get stronger for your body to become stronger too. There is a possibility if you have any problems with tightness as you might have, you will need a massager to help bring the spots on your body where your breaks are feeling tight too. Everything should be flexible and able to keep moving as you want them to. This is ongoing and will take some time to get through and will build the stamina up where you broke your bones or like me, had a compressed disc and using energy drinks can only provide energy and strength while you provide the movement to get back to normal. I have had to use water, coffee, energy drinks, a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids that all help in your everyday tasks you do for money or spending money.

Part 4: This is the process of getting all broken parts repaired and working at its ultimate factors. I have yet to get that as I still have sciatica that I can’t get through yet. It runs through my lower back down my right side and nerves there that are still in constant pain mostly during the winter when snow falls and is so cold. I am getting stronger as in being able to stand in 1 spot in a kitchen and not have as much pressure on my lower back as I used to have. This is progress too. This is considered recovery time and completing the recuperation and being normal again for everyday tasks.

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Body Heat

Body heat is for adults, for kids, for teenagers, etc. that are active & have energy working through their bodies. Body heat is made by the foods you eat in all 4 food groups & also any spices or herbs eaten that are added to the dishes you make as in breakfast, lunch & dinner. You use natural sugars through your different fruits you eat & whatever scientists decide to add to every canned goods we use from the store. The best way to have the right sugars is eating fruit & making sure that nothing you buy in the regular stores are any way, shape or form added to what you buy. Refined products are nothing to look at since they have nothing that should be nutritious because it’s all been taken out of the product for other reasons that people that experiment or decide that each part that was complete has to be broken down to make us pay for each part. Why do we let ourselves lose body heat & our nutrition that our bodies need?

Body heat helps us get through our tasks we have day in and day out! These tasks are things that our bodies need as in exercise & keeping our bodies functioning. If we didn’t let our bodies function, what would we be doing that didn’t bring us to a complete drop in how we were a long time ago? Our bodies need the nutrition to keep us going and use that heat to keep us from freezing and protect us from any and all problems that we go to see a doctor or dentist or any other health problem we have. Body heat can be very useful & also can be a pain if what we do during that time is good or bad to us. Body heat comes from going to jobs, going to stores, going to schools or just being out for the day to enjoy what we have. I feel that sometimes we just don’t take the time to observe and remind ourselves of why we are here. We have purpose in what we do that actually brings good to our lives. This is how we feel a glow that is the body heat we have around us.

There are certain foods and spices that keep our body heated when we run out of the body heat we use up. Onions, cayenne pepper, chili peppers, real hot sauces or even picante sauces in the stores. There are so many nutritional items we can use that keep us going. We can’t just drop what we know thinking there is/are other items since most professionals keep this information to themselves or just don’t know either. Ask questions of where to get information if you don’t know! You need body heat to keep your body functioning as long as you live; that doesn’t mean that we just think that where we are at in our lives that our bodies won’t break down. They need periodic maintenance like everything we buy. Saving can be helpful, but we do need to keep going & keep our body heat in check!

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Depression: Getting Past It!

This depression we are in seems to be creating more hardships & leading us to a possible socialistic environment. That is where this depression with the coronavirus has brought us. Life inside brings us together, but also can make deep feelings come about. Where & why this depression came from started when we as a country couldn’t stop this coronavirus from entering into our lives. What makes this state of hardship is when a group of people have an illness & never pay attention to it. It slows us down & brings a lot of grief everywhere. It came from so many places & events that we enjoy like sports, eating, having great times with our loved ones & friends, going out to clubs, etc. This depression also came after we were locked down & weren’t able to do anything or go anywhere. When we got to at least buy things, there were so many things that got in stores & gone within a few hours. We thought “Where do we go now?” “What do we do?” “What is it that we did to suffer this way?” “Is this way of life going to continue down a broken path that just goes wherever?” “Do we want this as a way of life?” The answer that I came up with was “No way do I suffer what was brought to me!” “I will find a way past this & make this depression go away. I looked up what the coronavirus did & what part of the body it would affect. I then went to the stores & got whatever I felt would help me to get & keep the coronavirus away. Getting through it meant learning how to be able to keep my life stronger, better to get around, not have so much depression & being kept inside; being told what I could decide or have no other options for myself. Not even this antidote for the coronavirus helps that has been given to us. When in a depressed state, how you get through it depends on what you use for food & drink along with exercise to fuel your body entirely!

Depression is a state of sadness & your demeanor dropping. It’s like falling off your bike & having one of your parents tell you to get back up & try again. Depression is a change of a mood & whether it swings this way or that. The one thing that anyone who has depression needs to change & learn how to get past the troubled part of their minds by not feeling proud & keeping that pride in. Taking that depression & talking about what changed your thoughts to those depressing times in your mind & getting them out. It got me through a lot of tough times just listening & describing what I did without feeling like I had to hold it in. Holding in what depresses you will only make your entire body fall! It’s like watching a wall crumble with age & just drop to the ground. That’s what depression can do to you!

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Food, Exercise and Sleep Bring Good Health

Food and exercise bring good health to everyone.  As we eat food and exercise, all this food is processed in our bodies.  This can’t be done if we sit all the time with no exercise, almost no activity or laying around a lot.  Food works to rebuild what your body uses up. The social activity is good and we all need it a lot.

We can be social as we walk or jog or run or do different types of fun things that make us active.  We can even use a pool to exercise by.  Adult activities don’t mean you have to sit & watch all day long.  We all can interact with our children and grandchildren as we live life.  This is not a communist type place where everyone is treated as such where TV and lounging are the only way to relax.  There is more to life than just work which includes socializing and exercising.  This statement does not include being fit & muscular like all are trying to make it like.

The right food which includes the 4 food groups all day long from breakfast to supper is how we make our bodies work and rest too.  Going by the amounts from each food group will bring lots of energy and rest so our bodies stay strong and healthy.  Vegetables are good for us as adults as well as our children.

Our children get ill because they believe everything they see from us as adults.  We teach our kids what we do by setting everything we do in front of them as an example, which creates something we should get them to believe in as fact and not making them do something we don’t do.  That is totally unacceptable if you are a parent to your kids.  Don’t fool everyone when you want to become married as this is wrong if you have kids and leave them!  They will feel abandoned.

Good health from food is how we take our bodies through years of stress and aggravation as well as fun and love and decisions.  This is how we bring cures that everyone on TV seems to forget.  We need a balance inside to keep us from becoming ill like our little ones that are getting cancer or other illnesses.

Sleep is a great way to empty out our bodies of all kinds of toxins or what the nutrition has removed from our bodies.  Sleep for 8 hours will do your body good & will keep us well after eating & exercising.  Relaxation after exercising & then laying on the bed really gives your body back the strength & stamina you need as you go through the day or afternoon with more activities.  There is also a lot you don’t need to do if single or a parent.  Those who are parents & mothers should get their bodies rest when they can & as much as they can.  This helps with a lot of problems in health after mothers’ pregnancies.  I have found out a lot from recovering from my own injuries & learning how to rest & sleep as the body heals naturally if can have that type of recovery.  Try to make your lives as healthy as possible!

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Do you know there are differences in what sugars you use?  Are you debating on the use of sugar & its benefits for you or family?  There are different kinds of sugars that we all use & our body needs.  One of them isn’t good for you & we call it refined sugar.  Refined sugar is got nothing for nutritional benefits.  Artificial sweeteners aren’t good for your body & have no nutritional benefits in them that your body needs at all.   Adding sugars to what’s added in dry or cold cereals isn’t good for your body. 

Fruit Sugar & Desserts from Fruit
Cherries are Medicine
Lowering Blood Sugar Levels

These pictures above are showing fruits & natural sugar in the fruits that help with all other types of nutrition that your body works with.  They all help with other health problems you have that can be decreased in size as you eat more of these fruits with not as much initial cravings & leave you fuller than when you just have sweets & pastries all the time!  Use lots of fruits to get the sugar your body craves.  These are sugars you want in your body.  The sugars also you want in your body are a natural kind.  One of them comes from honey & another is called Stevia.   There are other ways to get sugar naturally.  Make sure you always exercise to give your body the needed nutrition throughout your entire body for it to use it & burn calories off your body doesn’t need.  The sweetness in honey comes from how dark the color is in the bottle it comes in.  The darker it is, the more nutrition it has.  The lighter it is, the less you will find other than carbs & is like a refined sugar in a way.  It does the body no good to have it unless it has nutrition to it.  It’s like going out in the morning & exercising & then coming back home & going out again without having eaten anything all day long.  Sitting or relaxing when taking certain sugars does your body nothing other than just letting the sugar flow through your body giving you a hard time & wondering why either your body is emptying out or just plain getting stored for other times.  When sitting or relaxing a lot like at work & no exercising, it will keep building up & you will gain weight as it keeps storing inside your body until there is a problem.  Make sure you exercise a lot to keep your body at its best!  When problems in health are about sugars, whether milk or any other food form, there are usually problems in your body not having been balanced with all your systems.  Make sure you know about them by asking your doctor to get you remedies that are good for your body along with the meds or prescriptions they give you to help your body become balanced for all the nutrition you need like when you were a baby & a little kid.  This gives you the energy & time to become healthier & better like your younger years. 

nutritional food

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Health Cures

Health cures are considered cures to bad health. Bad health is just an imbalance to your health in your body. Health cures need different types of food that take care of your nutritional needs. Since there are people who believe in drugs, pot or anything but food to fix their needs for health cures, those cures that you consider cures are just levels in your body that are low or high which create these health problems like cancer, heart attacks, gastro-intestinal problems, etc. Food like the peels from different fruit or vegetables like potato peelings can be either eaten or put in heated or boiled water to get nutrients which can be used for drinking or even for stews, soups, etc. The dirt we use for growing fruit trees or vines & vegetables or herbs has nutrients in it as well. the nutrients come from the ground & whatever fertilizer we use to help our food grow big & strong like us. Even pumpkin has nutrients in it that we use to make decorations out of. Pumpkins have natural steroids & other nutrients that we get from the flesh, from the outer skin, & leave to rot away. That is how I take a thought of good food being wasted. Do we have other foods we just use to decorate on certain holidays & don’t use for anything else? I ask myself “Why do people have no thoughts about what they buy or have that destroys & is less than what we use after going to doctors that prescribe pills? Doesn’t cheap ways of dealing with our health problems beat going to a doctor just to pay enormous amounts of money that put us in debt & leave us broke?” “What are we thinking?” Health cures are what we use every day when we are feeding ourselves.

Health cures keep us healthy, wealthy & wise, but not using what we have & making others give us these nutritional items brings us doom that we seem to not notice until it’s too late to fix them! Changing these thoughts of ours can really make a difference in what we do & how much time we can spend to do different activities, bringing us a load more of tradition & having more money to feel better in the long run than to have no cures for when we aren’t healthy. I am always looking for ways to keep money in my pocket. I go to different stores & also natural herbs & spices to help out in my health. I read what is in the food as opposed to just grab-n-go. I use garlic, ginger, cumin, & some spices that are hot only to the tongue because I drink lots of liquids to keep the heat from ever hitting my stomach. This helps in getting a lot of nutrients without needing to spend a fortune in food items when making a breakfast, lunch or dinner. I only know this from past experience when having health issues that could have been life threatening!

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Mushroom and Spinach Cauliflower Rice

This dish looks delicious!

KetoJENic Vibe


12 oz Cauliflower Rice

8 oz Mushrooms

1 Cup Spinach

1/4 Cup Onion

3 Garlic Cloves

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce

1 Tbsp Olive Oil


1. Cook cauliflower according to the instructions on bag, drain, and set aside.

2. Heat olive oil in skillet and add onions, garlic, and mushrooms.

3. Once sautéed, add in cauliflower and soy sauce.

4. Top with spinach and mix until wilted.

Nutritional Information: 4 Servings

Amount Per Serving: 79 Calories. 3g Fat. 4g Protein. 5g Net Carbs.

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo Doris Loh in a highly researched article, entitled, COVID-19, Pnemonia & Inflammasomes the Melatonin connection, traces out the scientific evidence of mortality caused by the Corona virus and proposes the cure the worst symptom suffered by those infected. Please note that neither I nor Mrs. Loh are medical professionals and that […]

via Melatonin, a cure for lethal Corona Virus pulmonary inflammation — FromRome.Info

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Next video in the Practical Solutions with Lada & Az series! Click on link to watch on YouTube! Pandemic CURE in a Cupboard: The Miracle Foods & Herbs to Stay HEALTHY & STRONG Thank you for your LIKES, shares and comments – as well as SUBSCRIBES! SUBSCRIBE to Lada Ray YouTube Channel! […]

via Pandemic CURE in a Cupboard: The Miracle Foods & Herbs to Stay HEALTHY & STRONG! (Practical Solutions with Lada & Az) — Futurist Trendcast

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Virus Problems

Virus problems are nothing when there are remedies that completely eliminate the viruses lurking around everywhere.  These viruses are definite problems & getting them taken care of is best when using anti-viral products.  As in the latest virus going around which is the CoronaVirus, I will make this short & sweet!  There are so many herbs that you can use to keep this virus away or to a minimum just by finding out about what they are when treating a virus problem.  There is 1 main herb that’s mostly used all the time to add to all kinds of dinners & suppers which is garlic; also use ginger too.  These are an anti-viral herb which will increase your body’s immune system by burning up the virus if you have it.  Don’t overuse either 1!  This is to inform you all who pay attention to my blogs a lot.  I have just read about these as I was going back to my herb list & putting more on since I had to start over.  Any who want to hear more about what I have can use the comments & feedback to get all things about the CoronaVirus we are all dreading!  This one is nasty I have heard & have been using a lot of different herbs to get my body into becoming stable again.  Thanks to all who are watching & waiting!