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Restoring My Body To Good Health

Restoring my body to good health means I have completely turned my health from dismal & fighting to as good of health as anyone else.  I have accomplished a lot just by using a couple of great healers in ginger, homey & raw natural organic sugar, not the refined sugar so many stores sell for such a small price.  My health is totally for me as I believe in making it as wonderful as I had seemed to think I had when I was younger & always on the go.  Restoring my body with good health is quite spectacular when I have been fighting to stay alive from my younger days to now.  I believe in exercising, working out & knowing how my body is seeing doctors & only thinking of what natural foods do for me as opposed to what meds do & their side effects.  My health is restored through all the work I have put into it & checking out all the places that have the most for less.

Being so positive & working for maximum health makes you strong, healthy & happy.  Life is full of many good things which we care for a lot & want for each & every person or member of our family also.

You can make yourself anyway you want! Being active is the most important part of anyone’s life when they put their mind to it.
Restoring my body to good health is how I compared my life before to how others are living in the present at my age.  I have taken lots of multi-minerals & multivitamin complexes that with the right foods, lots of exercise has brought my body back to its present form.  Stores like Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Sunflower Farmer’s Market, etc. create a better & healthier life where getting food is a natural love affair for your body’s needs.  Health problems in this day & age don’t have to become nothing for a better future & getting out to be with others where life support is everything & air tanks have to be pulled or carried with you.  This all just means more work for your bodies & using wheelchairs makes most of your body immobile when should be happy about your great health instead.  Taking a run or out not living by others thoughts, learning from your own thoughts & making decisions that you won’t regret in the future.  Love for your good health in your body & outside will give you immense energy to say I’m happy I no longer feel that this extra weight I carry is needed & can do without forever more.  I can also say I feel younger again as I look forward to another day no matter what it looks like.

This quote determines how I live & how I make the best for me. I live to become better & have better health while I still can.

This is the determination to make your life better & leave the worst part of your life & attitude towards things in the past.  You can do it with lots of help & support through members of family or through other groups to become the best you want to be for your whole family no matter what.  Tell me you don’t believe in being worthy again!

Restoring my body to good health trains me in knowing that life is still good & the people who get to see who I act & feel, they get to see a difference in my life.  I am a masterpiece for what I know & where I go.  I have what it takes when all the others are just falling apart.  I am the spirit for those who are looking for better ways to treat their bodies.  I wish I could have had pictures of me when I was sick & not doing so well.  Now that I have gotten past that,  all I can use are images of the internet to show how improved my body is.  I had problems with decaying teeth from cocaine use & trying to keep going by numbing my body so I could still work through thick & thin.  I have used lots of alcohol & destroyed my happiness to turn it into a spellbound tragedy.  After my life has been this way, I went to doctors to find the cures I needed.  They helped me get started & I had to get money also to live on.   This money I got helped me to look for better ways to get my life back through looking at the energy I had when playing sports.  I had a broken collar-bone, adding weight to my body with meds that just left me useless & so relaxed that I left it that way.  I had other problems as well & loving who I was brought me back to this great body that has been restored to good health.  I will put pictures in to show you the differences, but won’t show how I look before & after.  I have had a great life by learning, restoring & letting others know how my life is in good health once more.


Doing yoga or taking steps to better your health through some fitness program will give you the exercise you need & get rid of stress in your body & life.  Become young again now!


For you women, this should be what your man wants you to look like because this is how he remembers you for you.  You want it, so work it & become this way through exercise, working, eating good, going to fitness & yoga for a better you, then reduce stress after a lot of sleep where this type of workout & love for who you can become is where you want to go.  It takes will power & dedication with determination to be the best you can be for you & your family.

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Stress & Your Health

Stress & Your Health can bring chaos to your body all night long.  Stress & the effects on your body are quite critical as it is either good or bad.   How does stress affect you throughout the day?  Stress on my body is never any good to me.  I have to be relaxed & be my own boss.  Life with stress is hectic & living with it means having to increase your nutritional habits as you work & take care of family too.  That is why I am who I am & being stressed takes me to playing sports to get rid of it.  What do you do to get rid of stress in your life?  Write down all the activities you do that help you relieve stress which can give you rest for the night without any meds or other store bought products fixing your health immediately.  Whatever you do needs exercise more than just sitting every night after work as the food you eat needs to work through your body.


Stress & your health is quite a bummer.  I know I hate it a lot.  Maybe these questions will give you an understanding & change how you deal with the effects of stress. 

Do we as people understand what stress does & how stress makes the body work negatively or positively? 

Do we care to change anything to make our bodies become less or more stressful? 

Do the effects on your body from stress make you better or worse with your attitude or even your health as you work within your boss’ rules & regulations? 

Does all the needs you have, get met or do they get pushed away & put on hold until you think you are ready to deal with them? 

If your answers were either no or had a tough time answering, then your body is in need of a lot of change.  There are nutritional ways of getting stress reduced which can also reduce sugar levels & cortisone or inflammation levels.  I can tell you that eating good & the right foods will change your body to work in this stress-induced world.  Drinking lots of vitamin C helps to drop stress from you & out of your body.  A normal 8 hours of sleep gets you less stress & more energy for your body.  This gives you & your body better health & ways to make your body deal with stress staying at a balance if working a lot. 


Stress & your health are definitely problems all day long as you work.  Working brings tension, hostility, anger, etc. to you as the day goes by while you & others are being productive.  So when you find yourself feeling this way like headaches & back pain, there are a lot of different pressure points that can make headaches go away in time as you relax which relieves stress to be able to deal with another day working for your boss.  Your health should be something you value as you work.  No one looks after you & you should take care of yourself all day long.  health & stress will turn a good day into a bad day.  It can be costly!  Most people don’t know much about what their bodies do or how they act.  They push themselves way beyond their normal capacity & taking care to know what you need when a day gets out of your reach.  It gets me thinking that people never have to get everything done in 24 hours.  I would say that this is wrong & it’s a way of keeping stress at your side forever.  Here is an example that came to mind of body & energy which is making your body go until it can’t work no more like when leaving a lightbulb on 24/7 until it stops working. 


Stress & your health give you this effect on your body & mind throughout the day at work creating all kinds of health problems.  The way my body dealt with stress was to mess with my gums & teeth.  They would hurt & then I would have to use pain pills, then be told to lay down & rest a lot.  This type of stress doesn’t help if you are in need of money a lot because you are way behind on bills.  Pushing yourself over & above your normal working limit will make life more miserable than you already have.  It will continue the rest of the day, too.  As I said before, “Your health is number 1 in your life.”  Get more fluids in your body when your body is stressed.


Stress will also come from the choices you make which are normally bad throughout the day or week or month.  It all adds up to like a meltdown.  Juices will help to straighten stress up & other foods but relaxing & sleep mostly after exercising.  Giving your body a way to process the stress & burning up this energy is what your body needs to deal with it instead of sitting so much.  Do you think that the life or way you live in this stress-induced world is going to change by magic?  Your kidding yourself & spinning more wheels in your thought patterns than necessary.  Change these effects you have from stress & give your body the TLC it needs before you end up over the edge!

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Health Is Or Should Be Number 1 In Our Lives

Health is something we all take for granted.  Do we really think of what we need as we eat from day to day?  health is or should be number 1 in our lives always.  We are number 1 for ourselves & we just leave others to answer for us or do something on the spur of the moment instead.  We should be asking ourselves these questions that tell us what our health really means to us.  These questions will give new meaning to your life as you start thinking of why there are so many ailments in this country of ours & no one cares.  We should care about ourselves, so think about what these questions ask you right now:

Why is our health important to us? 

What makes us think about our health? 

Do others ailments we read actually fill our heads with why this happening to us at all? 

Does it simply just make us think that it won’t catch up with us at all? 

Why do we just seem to let our health go to the wayside while we only think of what we can cram into our day? 


Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Now after thinking about these questions, do you have answers that come to mind that help you learn about what you are reading right now?  It does me!  The answer I have always thought about is Health is or should be number 1 in our lives.  It tells me that I have 1 thing on my mind which is my health & the health of my family.  Families are what we have for the future along with the past.  We have the elderly like grandmas & grandpas to those who are disabled at so many ages.  We also have families that the parents work so much that they never have a plan that includes any health at all.  They all go to the nearest places & never really know or care to think of what they may be eating or if they are nutritional or not.  Does any of this make you think of your health right now?  Aren’t you concerned of what may happen & whether you will have your body totally or will it be in pieces like so many do & get artificial limbs?  This is like wasting money as everyone just does what is quickest.  Really think about it!


Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives everyday.  This includes what we eat, where we eat, who we listen to when we are eating, & making our health important to us at all times.  There is nobody who should know your health better than you at all.  That’s why you go to a doctor when you do & see a dentist & chiropractor when your body is needing attention.  You have heard I’m sure of a saying like this, “Your body is like a temple”.  What you put in it, & what comes out along with how your body acts after a period of time is just what has been your nourishment for that time which is either good or bad.  You either feel sick or you feel well for that day or even all month long.  Life is only what you make of it. 

foods from different food groups for classific...

foods from different food groups for classification (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives as we have to think about our families also.  We eat & when we do, we need to think about our basic 4-5 food groups that we should be using every day to maintain good health.  These are the food groups that we use to feed our families & ourselves.  When doing that, we also need to know what is good for us.  I will tell you 1 thing that may alter how you pick your food groups again.  Scientists have genetically remastered our foods to add this or that to it like having more gluten to raise & make bread more softer & springier.  This is why we need to check lots of foods in cans & other prepared foods that are easier to get because all the nutrients are almost gone in them.  These nutrients are what we need for our bodies to make us continue to work & stay happy.  Drugs are not what help us get through the day because they are like something you tape together.  That is why all people are starting to become disabled & on social security & have forgotten that work is good for their bodies. 

English: Healthy eating pyramid similar to tha...

English: Healthy eating pyramid similar to that of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. Temporary image as original is non-commercial use only. If you have a better image please replace this. Thanks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is & should be number 1 in our lives  as we get foods from fast food restaurants, but sometimes it can be good when just hungry.  Nutrition is the major factor for our bodies when we eat food.  We eat so we can help our bodies become better by getting past all the pain & suffering we have put it through.  Even teenagers & younger adults are into destroying their bodies by not caring they put a lot of sugar filled products into their bodies without any fruits or vegetables which can mellow out most of the drama they create in their lives.  

A recent Consumer Camp focused on how the Nutr...

A recent Consumer Camp focused on how the Nutritional gatekeeper can more easily help their children eat better. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is & should be number 1 in our lives when we have health issues.  Talking to others is good, but the advice needs to be understood by asking more questions if there is an uncertainty.  We have let others talk to us about taking money from the government to sit back & not worry about money through jobs or ways to make money otherwise.  That is another reason why our government & congress have become the gods of our minds.  I will tell you that there is no one who knows even how to stand up & be understood by taking notice using petitions to change laws starting something we have totally forgotten in this country as a right which brings us more than just change. 

English: Havant Health Food Centre

English: Havant Health Food Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives to make us feel so much better now & in the future.  Health brings us what we want without losing our jobs, families, kids, having money problems, etc.  My health & love for my life is not as good as others meaning that I  have actually been working on what is nutritious for me, the thought which makes myself heard since I have been watching all kinds of issues on TV, news, websites & other places that are getting out of control I think.  Give me your opinions which starts a page of discussion in order to let others know how this topic makes you feel by teaching others who are just getting to learn about their health.  Learning provides people with a better understanding of why they need to make their bodies better by changing their health!


USPosterFoodIsAWeapon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Health at Childhood


Health at Childhood is how my life started when I was born January 26, 1962.  I was born as a miracle baby with 6 health symptoms that has taken a lot of time to overcome.  It has taken until now at 51 years of age to accomplish a lot more than what I could or did when I was at the baby stage of my life.  The symptoms were: 1) poor circulation, 2) blood sugar level, 3) blood pressure level & still are: 1) chronic allergies, 2) slight case of cerebral palsy (memory blockage), 3) pigeon-toed.  Life was hard for me as I was being a baby & my mom had to always see about my health through a physician or doctor.  They would make sure I was still in good enough health to keep me from staying in the hospital.  I was a fighter before I even knew what that word meant.


Health at childhood as a baby, I crawled real fast because I could.  I was happy to be who I was at the time with everyone always around me.  I had fun & loved being the center of attention then.  I would sit on everyone’s lap when we were at a social gathering for all the relatives every summer at the family reunion.  There were always aunts, uncles & cousins who would take care of me when there was an activity to do for adults.  They loved giving me the attention all the time.  At the time the food was ready, I was sitting in a high chair & being fed by spoons & out of a jar.  My mom would change my diapers most of the time unless my aunts or female cousins would do that instead of my mom.  Everyone was always teaching & guiding me on ways to walk.  It was really fun & productive sometimes.  My parents actually taught me after everyone else had tried getting me to walk a lot.  they would use their first forefinger on each hand to help me as I wrapped my fingers around their one finger to keep me balanced & hold me up while I built my muscles in my legs & feet.  My parents took me to church on Sunday mornings & would always learn discipline whether I used it or not.  I would cry some & most of the time just fell asleep & then on Wednesday nights, I would go with my mom because my dad worked at nights.


Health at childhood as I grew up from 2-5 years of age, I got to always have toy metal cars, vehicles & heavy equipment out just as I saw from the car or in pictures from books.  I would create towns & long highways going from my room to the front door & turn around.  I got to always push them one at a time in a line of about 50-100 vehicles without the heavy equipment.  I would stop sometimes & use the heavy equipment on the side to act as if I was really doing heavy dirt hauling & moving dirt elsewhere.  It would take me a few hours as I moved them round trip & would always ruin the knees in my pants.  during that time, I would stay active a lot.  I was a very active kid eating more than 3 meals a day which included a lot of snacks too.  I had breakfast of all types of eggs, bread or toast with butter & jelly or sugar, oatmeal, cream-of-wheat, 3) non-sugared & sugared cereals, bacon, sausage, omelets, bread pudding, etc.  For lunches were usually soups & sandwiches while my mom made supper for us all.

Heavy equipment working on the construction of...

Heavy equipment working on the construction of the Trans-Canada highway, Alberta / Équipement lourd à l’œuvre dans la construction de l’autoroute Transcanadienne, Alberta (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)



Health at Childhood gave me a very important lesson that I learned later on after all the mess my body has taken & would fight back to become a better & healthier kid & adult.  I was taken to Denver Children’s Hospital a few times during the ages of 2-5.  This was done every 6 months for checkups.  I had a great doctor who knew how to get me to recover when I was low on blood sugar or blood pressure levels.  I had a mishap of being taken to the doctor & waiting with my parents which would happen a lot after playing & not thinking about eating as much & just burn my body down.  My parents would need to keep me thinking about eating when my metabolism was very high Z& I was very energetic.  They would sit me in a high chair & then given a plate of food & just lose consciousness from my blood pressure & sugar levels being low enough.   I once was taken to the hospital to see my doctor for a checkup, & while waiting, I had just let myself relax & fell off of the seat where I was & landed on floor.  I guess I didn’t have much pulse so they took me in & found I didn’t have much blood sugar in me.  I got to stay at hospital when I was 5 years of age.  The doctor gave me sugar & orange juice to really raise my blood sugar up then.  Giving me this skyrocketed my sugar & pressure levels to the max.  Then I got to leave the hospital after a couple of days to start fresh again.

The rebounding blood sugar following undetecte...

The rebounding blood sugar following undetected diabetic hypoglycemia can easily become chronic when the high morning blood sugar data is misjudged to be due to insufficient nighttime insulin delivery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Health at Childhood gave me a sense of being a curious kid like “Curious George” because I was given permission to get into my parents’ trunk where I was getting something for them & ignored it to get what I thought was something more impressive.  I got a bumper jack out of the trunk instead.  I pulled the bumper jack shaft out like I saw my dad do, but never thought it would be hard to hold onto.  I got it out & it just slid out of my hands & hit my big toenail on my right foot.  That really hurt a lot!  I was crying outside & my parents came out & I got scolded by my dad & my mom comforted me a lot.  They had to take me to the hospital & have the swelling brought down & finally after that, they removed my toenail.  I had my other toenails go bad like that one which was like animal nails.  I had that for a long time.


Health at Childhood gave me a sense of what I was in for as we moved from place to place never giving me any security or knowing what I would do or act afterwards.  When school came time to open, I went to kindergarten at the age of 5.  I was going to school in Denver when we were living off of Mississippi & Pierce.  From there we moved to Space City Center or Lochbuie which was another little spot off of the main highway.  I changed schools & was seeing the country for the first time ever.  From being in kindergarten to being a junior in high school, I stayed there & was a country kid learning how to fight & be pushed around which I thought was no fun when I was younger.  My self-esteem was low & had to get a change to be around other kids in the country, too!


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Health at Childhood had its goods & bads for experience.  It was quite expensive all the time to go see a doctor when my parents took me in.  They spent so much on my health.  They could have used it somewhere else.  Now I am on my own taking care of myself naturally.   I was taken when a child to see a doctor in order to check my blood pressure & blood sugar levels & also got them in school regularly too.  so nice of my parents & others where I was to be watching all the time.



English: taking blood pressure in PE

English: taking blood pressure in PE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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Making Your Body Balanced and Healthy

Balancing your needs to be healthy is all about making sure your body is truly balanced. I mean that having your body truly balanced is knowing how to get past all the garbage from canned foods which include a lot of processing & removing nutrients that should be left alone. Balancing your body’s needs to become healthy are through foods that tell you they have what your body needs. These are fruits & vegetables that have minerals & amino acids for your body, cereals that have most of your required vitamins & minerals, pasta that has necessary fats & meat along with adding herbs & spices to work your body to maintain the necessary energy levels all day long. Eggs that are cage free & brown have the best nutrients available for your whole body. This includes what you need for memory & thinking, for energy, to keep your body strong & make you feel so good too. These are just starters in getting you & your body balanced for a good balanced diet.

healthy resolutions

A picture of a book cover on balancing your body & life.

Balancing your needs to be healthy is making sure that your body is leveled out & not consuming too much sugar at one time, not getting too much of a certain food at one time, etc. as these foods then are what your body considers toxic because your body either can’t use it & wastes it away when getting rid of it or stores it away & is considered dead inside. This is why your body needs to be balanced to remain healthy. Healthy means that your body needs to use all the food needed that you give it. By eating meat, salads, breads & pasta, desserts & snacks in between meals will give provide you with the necessary nutrients & make your body healthy. Avoid the small meals in aluminum, & anything that brings you no nutrition which is pretty much processed & has already been cooked. Living this life brings you nothing & will just bring you to slowing down in life while creating all kinds of health concerns over a long period of time. You can have them as long as you use them as something to snack on, but won’t help you to be active for a long period of time.


A picture of a woman who is experiencing total withdrawal from daily activities.

Balancing your needs to be healthy also means that doing exercises & stretching will provide you more flexibility without being cramped up after sitting for so long. When not exercising, your body just fills up & doesn’t process anything much & then it is sitting there like trash sits in a trash can waiting to be dumped into a dumpster. This isn’t how your body works if you plan to stay active & want more out of life. You can’t just expect your body to work if not active. Your health goes down & your life just wears away. This is why taking the time to have one person go get the necessary items for a meal, & other household jobs are better than trying to have two people working. Working forever without planning anything for a family isn’t good either. So take the time to balance your body’s needs so you can stay healthy.

home exercises
A picture of a woman who is active & doing exercises at home sitting on a chair with a good posture by stretching & keeping her body flexible while there is no activity & can do it peacefully.

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