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Health Is Or Should Be Number 1 In Our Lives

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Health is something we all take for granted.  Do we really think of what we need as we eat from day to day?  health is or should be number 1 in our lives always.  We are number 1 for ourselves & we just leave others to answer for us or do something on the spur of the moment instead.  We should be asking ourselves these questions that tell us what our health really means to us.  These questions will give new meaning to your life as you start thinking of why there are so many ailments in this country of ours & no one cares.  We should care about ourselves, so think about what these questions ask you right now:

Why is our health important to us? 

What makes us think about our health? 

Do others ailments we read actually fill our heads with why this happening to us at all? 

Does it simply just make us think that it won’t catch up with us at all? 

Why do we just seem to let our health go to the wayside while we only think of what we can cram into our day? 


Thinking (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Now after thinking about these questions, do you have answers that come to mind that help you learn about what you are reading right now?  It does me!  The answer I have always thought about is Health is or should be number 1 in our lives.  It tells me that I have 1 thing on my mind which is my health & the health of my family.  Families are what we have for the future along with the past.  We have the elderly like grandmas & grandpas to those who are disabled at so many ages.  We also have families that the parents work so much that they never have a plan that includes any health at all.  They all go to the nearest places & never really know or care to think of what they may be eating or if they are nutritional or not.  Does any of this make you think of your health right now?  Aren’t you concerned of what may happen & whether you will have your body totally or will it be in pieces like so many do & get artificial limbs?  This is like wasting money as everyone just does what is quickest.  Really think about it!


Health (Photo credit: Tax Credits)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives everyday.  This includes what we eat, where we eat, who we listen to when we are eating, & making our health important to us at all times.  There is nobody who should know your health better than you at all.  That’s why you go to a doctor when you do & see a dentist & chiropractor when your body is needing attention.  You have heard I’m sure of a saying like this, “Your body is like a temple”.  What you put in it, & what comes out along with how your body acts after a period of time is just what has been your nourishment for that time which is either good or bad.  You either feel sick or you feel well for that day or even all month long.  Life is only what you make of it. 

foods from different food groups for classific...

foods from different food groups for classification (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives as we have to think about our families also.  We eat & when we do, we need to think about our basic 4-5 food groups that we should be using every day to maintain good health.  These are the food groups that we use to feed our families & ourselves.  When doing that, we also need to know what is good for us.  I will tell you 1 thing that may alter how you pick your food groups again.  Scientists have genetically remastered our foods to add this or that to it like having more gluten to raise & make bread more softer & springier.  This is why we need to check lots of foods in cans & other prepared foods that are easier to get because all the nutrients are almost gone in them.  These nutrients are what we need for our bodies to make us continue to work & stay happy.  Drugs are not what help us get through the day because they are like something you tape together.  That is why all people are starting to become disabled & on social security & have forgotten that work is good for their bodies. 

English: Healthy eating pyramid similar to tha...

English: Healthy eating pyramid similar to that of the Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health. Temporary image as original is non-commercial use only. If you have a better image please replace this. Thanks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is & should be number 1 in our lives  as we get foods from fast food restaurants, but sometimes it can be good when just hungry.  Nutrition is the major factor for our bodies when we eat food.  We eat so we can help our bodies become better by getting past all the pain & suffering we have put it through.  Even teenagers & younger adults are into destroying their bodies by not caring they put a lot of sugar filled products into their bodies without any fruits or vegetables which can mellow out most of the drama they create in their lives.  

A recent Consumer Camp focused on how the Nutr...

A recent Consumer Camp focused on how the Nutritional gatekeeper can more easily help their children eat better. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is & should be number 1 in our lives when we have health issues.  Talking to others is good, but the advice needs to be understood by asking more questions if there is an uncertainty.  We have let others talk to us about taking money from the government to sit back & not worry about money through jobs or ways to make money otherwise.  That is another reason why our government & congress have become the gods of our minds.  I will tell you that there is no one who knows even how to stand up & be understood by taking notice using petitions to change laws starting something we have totally forgotten in this country as a right which brings us more than just change. 

English: Havant Health Food Centre

English: Havant Health Food Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Health is or should be number 1 in our lives to make us feel so much better now & in the future.  Health brings us what we want without losing our jobs, families, kids, having money problems, etc.  My health & love for my life is not as good as others meaning that I  have actually been working on what is nutritious for me, the thought which makes myself heard since I have been watching all kinds of issues on TV, news, websites & other places that are getting out of control I think.  Give me your opinions which starts a page of discussion in order to let others know how this topic makes you feel by teaching others who are just getting to learn about their health.  Learning provides people with a better understanding of why they need to make their bodies better by changing their health!


USPosterFoodIsAWeapon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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