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Stress & Your Health

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Stress & Your Health can bring chaos to your body all night long.  Stress & the effects on your body are quite critical as it is either good or bad.   How does stress affect you throughout the day?  Stress on my body is never any good to me.  I have to be relaxed & be my own boss.  Life with stress is hectic & living with it means having to increase your nutritional habits as you work & take care of family too.  That is why I am who I am & being stressed takes me to playing sports to get rid of it.  What do you do to get rid of stress in your life?  Write down all the activities you do that help you relieve stress which can give you rest for the night without any meds or other store bought products fixing your health immediately.  Whatever you do needs exercise more than just sitting every night after work as the food you eat needs to work through your body.


Stress & your health is quite a bummer.  I know I hate it a lot.  Maybe these questions will give you an understanding & change how you deal with the effects of stress. 

Do we as people understand what stress does & how stress makes the body work negatively or positively? 

Do we care to change anything to make our bodies become less or more stressful? 

Do the effects on your body from stress make you better or worse with your attitude or even your health as you work within your boss’ rules & regulations? 

Does all the needs you have, get met or do they get pushed away & put on hold until you think you are ready to deal with them? 

If your answers were either no or had a tough time answering, then your body is in need of a lot of change.  There are nutritional ways of getting stress reduced which can also reduce sugar levels & cortisone or inflammation levels.  I can tell you that eating good & the right foods will change your body to work in this stress-induced world.  Drinking lots of vitamin C helps to drop stress from you & out of your body.  A normal 8 hours of sleep gets you less stress & more energy for your body.  This gives you & your body better health & ways to make your body deal with stress staying at a balance if working a lot. 


Stress & your health are definitely problems all day long as you work.  Working brings tension, hostility, anger, etc. to you as the day goes by while you & others are being productive.  So when you find yourself feeling this way like headaches & back pain, there are a lot of different pressure points that can make headaches go away in time as you relax which relieves stress to be able to deal with another day working for your boss.  Your health should be something you value as you work.  No one looks after you & you should take care of yourself all day long.  health & stress will turn a good day into a bad day.  It can be costly!  Most people don’t know much about what their bodies do or how they act.  They push themselves way beyond their normal capacity & taking care to know what you need when a day gets out of your reach.  It gets me thinking that people never have to get everything done in 24 hours.  I would say that this is wrong & it’s a way of keeping stress at your side forever.  Here is an example that came to mind of body & energy which is making your body go until it can’t work no more like when leaving a lightbulb on 24/7 until it stops working. 


Stress & your health give you this effect on your body & mind throughout the day at work creating all kinds of health problems.  The way my body dealt with stress was to mess with my gums & teeth.  They would hurt & then I would have to use pain pills, then be told to lay down & rest a lot.  This type of stress doesn’t help if you are in need of money a lot because you are way behind on bills.  Pushing yourself over & above your normal working limit will make life more miserable than you already have.  It will continue the rest of the day, too.  As I said before, “Your health is number 1 in your life.”  Get more fluids in your body when your body is stressed.


Stress will also come from the choices you make which are normally bad throughout the day or week or month.  It all adds up to like a meltdown.  Juices will help to straighten stress up & other foods but relaxing & sleep mostly after exercising.  Giving your body a way to process the stress & burning up this energy is what your body needs to deal with it instead of sitting so much.  Do you think that the life or way you live in this stress-induced world is going to change by magic?  Your kidding yourself & spinning more wheels in your thought patterns than necessary.  Change these effects you have from stress & give your body the TLC it needs before you end up over the edge!

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