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Restoring My Body To Good Health

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Restoring my body to good health means I have completely turned my health from dismal & fighting to as good of health as anyone else.  I have accomplished a lot just by using a couple of great healers in ginger, homey & raw natural organic sugar, not the refined sugar so many stores sell for such a small price.  My health is totally for me as I believe in making it as wonderful as I had seemed to think I had when I was younger & always on the go.  Restoring my body with good health is quite spectacular when I have been fighting to stay alive from my younger days to now.  I believe in exercising, working out & knowing how my body is seeing doctors & only thinking of what natural foods do for me as opposed to what meds do & their side effects.  My health is restored through all the work I have put into it & checking out all the places that have the most for less.

Being so positive & working for maximum health makes you strong, healthy & happy.  Life is full of many good things which we care for a lot & want for each & every person or member of our family also.

You can make yourself anyway you want! Being active is the most important part of anyone’s life when they put their mind to it.
Restoring my body to good health is how I compared my life before to how others are living in the present at my age.  I have taken lots of multi-minerals & multivitamin complexes that with the right foods, lots of exercise has brought my body back to its present form.  Stores like Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market, Sunflower Farmer’s Market, etc. create a better & healthier life where getting food is a natural love affair for your body’s needs.  Health problems in this day & age don’t have to become nothing for a better future & getting out to be with others where life support is everything & air tanks have to be pulled or carried with you.  This all just means more work for your bodies & using wheelchairs makes most of your body immobile when should be happy about your great health instead.  Taking a run or out not living by others thoughts, learning from your own thoughts & making decisions that you won’t regret in the future.  Love for your good health in your body & outside will give you immense energy to say I’m happy I no longer feel that this extra weight I carry is needed & can do without forever more.  I can also say I feel younger again as I look forward to another day no matter what it looks like.

This quote determines how I live & how I make the best for me. I live to become better & have better health while I still can.

This is the determination to make your life better & leave the worst part of your life & attitude towards things in the past.  You can do it with lots of help & support through members of family or through other groups to become the best you want to be for your whole family no matter what.  Tell me you don’t believe in being worthy again!

Restoring my body to good health trains me in knowing that life is still good & the people who get to see who I act & feel, they get to see a difference in my life.  I am a masterpiece for what I know & where I go.  I have what it takes when all the others are just falling apart.  I am the spirit for those who are looking for better ways to treat their bodies.  I wish I could have had pictures of me when I was sick & not doing so well.  Now that I have gotten past that,  all I can use are images of the internet to show how improved my body is.  I had problems with decaying teeth from cocaine use & trying to keep going by numbing my body so I could still work through thick & thin.  I have used lots of alcohol & destroyed my happiness to turn it into a spellbound tragedy.  After my life has been this way, I went to doctors to find the cures I needed.  They helped me get started & I had to get money also to live on.   This money I got helped me to look for better ways to get my life back through looking at the energy I had when playing sports.  I had a broken collar-bone, adding weight to my body with meds that just left me useless & so relaxed that I left it that way.  I had other problems as well & loving who I was brought me back to this great body that has been restored to good health.  I will put pictures in to show you the differences, but won’t show how I look before & after.  I have had a great life by learning, restoring & letting others know how my life is in good health once more.


Doing yoga or taking steps to better your health through some fitness program will give you the exercise you need & get rid of stress in your body & life.  Become young again now!


For you women, this should be what your man wants you to look like because this is how he remembers you for you.  You want it, so work it & become this way through exercise, working, eating good, going to fitness & yoga for a better you, then reduce stress after a lot of sleep where this type of workout & love for who you can become is where you want to go.  It takes will power & dedication with determination to be the best you can be for you & your family.

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