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Foods That Heal: Acne

Foods that heal are ways to become healthier over this subject of acne.  Acne is a health problem with skin & ways to prevent acne from occurring after you first get it.    Have you ever had acne?  Do you know what to use or even foods that you need for acne to go away?  I am going to help you answer these questions as you read my post here for foods that heal for acne as skin problems in health.  Acne is a inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands secreting a greasy or oily substance that appears on your face, neck, back & chest.  They become red & full of pus when infected; they will turn into pustules like the photo below.   


Foods with zinc & needing between 50mg-150mg after checking with your physician or general doctor can be used to clear up your acne health problems.  The foods you can use are full of zinc along with zinc supplements which will help break down these pimples & pustules that are all over your upper body in front & back.  These foods are meat, vegetables & fruits, fish & poultry.  Using fresh fruits & vegetables have other great qualities like minerals, & amino acids that can help to break up the stomach problems that start these pustules all over your body.  These foods have the high nutritional value for helping clear up acne without a lot of prescription drugs:

  1. herring
  2. wheat germ
  3. sesame seeds
  4. torula yeast (if know what type of yeast that is)
  5. blackstrap molasses
  6. maple syrup
  7. liver
  8. soybeans
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. egg yolk
  11. lamb
  12. regular molasses
  13. chicken
  14. brewer’s yeast
  15. oats
  16. bone meal
  17. rye
  18. whole wheat
  19. corn
  20. coconut
  21. beef
  22. beets
  23. turkey
  24. walnuts
  25. barley
  26. avocados
  27. beans
  28. peas
  29. bleu cheese
  30. eggs
  31. buckwheat

These are very good for your system & will reduce the health problems of your skin & get rid of your pustules as quick as they can.  It takes some time along with exercising to get them to be reduced quicker than just sitting & waiting for them to disappear.  Washing & scrubbing them & your body will get rid of the toxins on your face, neck, chest & back, too.   As you wash & remove these, the quicker your body gets healthier & makes you feel better when talking & interacting with friends & neighbors you have.

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The Who’s Who In Blood Types: Blood Type O

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is a continuation of the last 2 posts about the 4 blood types.  I am going to introduce you to the 3rd blood type which is blood type O.  I am blood type O & blood type B as I was learning about my blood types that have taken me to different skill levels & jobs too  I have had work as an auto technician working on vehicles, labor work & working on construction jobs as a union ironworker.   These were really great jobs & my health got in the way.  This is another good reason to learn a lot about your blood types.  They all have different structures in the blood to make who we are.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is considered sociable, energetic & extroverted; making friends easily with a natural tendency to mingle.  Blood type O’s go with the flow & will take on all opportunities.  Blood type O’s will chase after ideas or take on all projects no matter what as they are more flexible than any other blood types.  Blood type O’s quickly shift gears & are able to adapt if circumstances are changed.  Blood type O’s will bail if project isn’t to their advantage.  Blood type O’s have similar traits, but the blood type O won’t follow through on a project as blood type B will do to the very end.  Blood type O’s are very success-prone as they have a healthy & realistic side in their lives.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is often accused of being flighty, not thinking things out & having a short attention span.  As you have come across people who have these traits or are your children, they are considered unreliable also.  They really aren’t though.  They just want what’s good for them in their lives.  They don’t pay attention to anyone else when find what they want to do in life.  When the person who has blood type A sees a person with blood type O, they are very surprised when they see a blood type O person adapt & change by shifting gears & their focus quicker than the rest.  A blood type O person who is passionate about what they want with ideas can change quicker than anyone else & yet forget about that idea just as quick as they had it.  The blood type O’s have very strong expressions in very strong words, but can change them to the next idea that comes along they are passionate about even if it is opposite of what they said before.  Blood type O’s are considered very insincere because they adjust & adapt to ideas when in groups that are hard at work at 1 idea & some other idea will come along that the blood type O person will start working on.  This is from the feelings of them being prone to adapt & shift to those ideas quicker than other blood types.  When blood type O’s are in a group, the group with them isn’t durable or long lasting.  The other blood types aren’t as quick to adapt or adjust & still work on the group activities.  Blood type O’s will change up & immediately redefine their positions in next idea or project.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is a very classic entrepreneur.  They are very restless & competitive, even in an active group.  The blood type O’s will move & adapt to new lifestyles quicker than any other blood type & to new countries too.  This is because of their restlessness & being in competition as they love it & doesn’t matter where they go or what they do as long as they are happy with making adjustments all the time.  Other blood types will just take what comes & adjust to where they are at instead.  These other blood types would have a problem if they left where they were to go somewhere new.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is open when expressing their emotions.  They let you know the real deal of what they like about you, what changes need to be made & how they feel about different things.  They clearly send signals which is how they can interact with others so easily.  When other blood types like A or B can manipulate a blood type O because of their openness & adaptability, the blood type O person is more prone to comply & agree to other ideas they have because the blood type O is thoroughly convinced to make that change.  Blood type O’s are very sociable & will get into the performing arts or in show business because of the need to be the center of attention & love wanting lots of opinions always.  They have a shadowy side too that can get them in lots of trouble.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O’s depend on their environment & adapt to circumstances that they need to adapt to, since they keep real close tabs on what they do & anything that involves them.  Since words come easily & aren’t hard to say when at a party or waiting in a line in a store, they have a natural flair for a lively interest in discussion wherever they are.  Blood type O’s are very open & not as self-conscious as others are.  The blood type O reveal their inner selves not to be intimate, but to develop their ideas & get the most from their discussions with lots of input which create more ideas for them later on.  Their friends & acquaintances will only think about revealing anything personal if having a 1 on 1 conversation in private with someone special to them intimately.  Frankness from a blood type O person amazes the other blood types.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O’s are very ambitious.  They are self-conscious & is a part of their makeup as they use it to be as successful as they can be.  Blood type O’s are realists who weigh the differences of every situation which are the positive & negative aspects of it.  These positive & negative aspects of a realist in the blood type O person determines how they succeed in life also.  These ambitions are what make them as complete as they are not in groups but as a individual.    I have had a lot of things to work with but never seem to get them off the ground, until now, as I am finding out more about myself as I read & blog about blood types & how to become healthier too.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type O is very materialistic as this driving factor brings the ambition to work harder for money & learn more about their selves.  The possessions they have like a home is great for parties or other social events.  The money they have is a driving factor which is how they get their possessions & live for their social behavior.  Materialism is how they complete their lives & create more for themselves as they show off what they have in life.  This is their way of giving of themselves & having a lively discussion & being socially acceptable.  Blood type O’s are not into detail at all as it slows them down in how they think & work.  They are more generalists as opposed to being techies who like the detail oriented & delve into technicalities.  If you have forgotten or this is your first time here, I am using a book called “What’s Your Blood Type?”.  These are the ways of learning about your personality & unlocking it to be full & happy about yourself instead of hiding in a corner or even being angry with your better 1/2 in marriage.

I do believe in everything I write about as it brings a lot of help to me in new & adventurous places & things I do.  Hope that all of you who see & read this post will have a great day & always thank those for reading them or those who are returning to see & read my new posts as well.

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Hot Tap Water

Did you know that using a kidney cleanser is more expensive than just using hot tap water?  Have you ever tried hot tap water to make your kidneys feel less painful when feeling all clogged up?  Hot tap water is really a very good cure for unclogging your kidneys when painful & in need of being emptied out.  Try it to encourage your kidneys to function again!  This will also take care of needing a doctor to tell you that you are needing to remove your kidneys just because they are full.  What have you done when you have a pot full of water & you add more to it?  Don’t you need to empty it out before you have the water spill out all over the place?  Think about this every day when telling yourself that you can wait.  I don’t think it works!  Your kidneys expand & a pot of any other container will only go as far as you get liquids to the top like water.  Taking a container that can be sealed & frozen in the freezer is just like your kidneys when filling them up with solids which burst or just quit working because they are so full & have nothing to use to get rid of that fullness.

Hot tap water is so very good when cleansing & detoxifying your kidneys.  Since the heat of the hot tap water helps to expand what your kidneys aren’t able to work with, hot tap water just tears & eats away at all those solids & whatever else to release & break down proteins, amino acids, enzymes & all other nutrients in your kidneys.  In my experiences of going to the doctors & hospitals in the states, I haven’t found them at all to use anything but medications that are to work until your body adjusts to it.  I was in need of a quick fix to get my kidneys unclogged after drinking some energy drinks that if not moving & getting them to work the right way after exercising, you will have clogged kidneys too.  When unclogging your kidneys with hot tap water, it will take a lot longer to get your kidneys unclogged this way instead of just maintaining your body’s welfare & being.  By using hot tap water, your kidneys are unclogging & you have less health problems also.  It relieves stress, the need for others to make noise when they need to use the restroom, etc. which has less pressure on everyone in the family besides.  Are you one to maintain your body’s well being or have things stop up your kidneys & other parts to make it harder on you & others around you?

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The Who’s Who In Blood Types: Blood Type B

The who’s who in blood types & working on blood type B is very organized & mechanical.  Blood type B starts out with personality traits of being sober, rational, pragmatic or using logical or reasonable thoughts instead of having ideas at all.  They are practical & way down to earth not caring anything but what they do other than for work.  They set goals to achieve & get them done no matter what.  They will help those who are with them in their achievements, but nothing else until they have their goals reached.  The blood type B fixes, builds & creates when working with machinery & is great when all is moving smoothly.  They are specialists & approach anything with a cautious eye.  If needing to do anything out of their forte’, they will use instructions from a book, or manual to learn from it.  While reading about what they are fixing, they will write notes down, then lay out tools in an organized fashion.  In what they do as they are reading or writing, they are in their own world, neglecting everything else.  Nothing stops them from making sure they have their goals taken care of first.  This usually is no problem at work or at their profession, but always is a problem in a loving relationship.  They are accused of being messy, too.

The B blood type uses his energy for his goals & leaves everything else aside.  Once a goal has been set, the B blood type stays with that goal generally with so much energy & vigor, they will push on until the bitter end.  This way is like a double-edged sword.  They will push on even when everything for circumstances is bad or when business is bad no matter what.  Sometimes when they have projects that the goals are set, they will drive them way down deep & not give up until nothing is left.  B blood types aren’t very good team players either.  They won’t play team type sports.  They love golf, gymnastics, bodybuilding & tennis because they will rebel against any team type structures.  They believe in their own strategies & maneuvers to keep their winnings to themselves.

B blood types are individualists which love to work on their own & do their own thing.  They aren’t happy unless they are in control.  They will usually relate to their own blood group, not from being compatible with others in their own group, but believe in their strong developed sense of self empathizing with other individualists.  B blood types are volatile friends & goals come first before anything else.  They don’t like being socially active until they are done with their goals.  B blood types are great to others as long as they follow them as leaders in their direction.  These blood types have a heightened sense of self, clearly for what they want to do & its importance.  B blood types are considered being too self-absorbed & egocentric, maybe egomaniacal.

Faith in any type of religion, even for a business or a cause will make them perfect candidates even for religious offices.  They have a particular predisposition to follow through with everything.  B blood types have a strong attraction to dogma & doctrine which proves that they believe in what they do no matter what it is.  They are so involved in what they do, schedules & dates are never kept because of their projects & goals needing to be met all the time.  This tells me that faith & goals are necessary & they believe in finishing a project & not being so reliable on any social standings that require them to go unless absolutely necessary.  They are told then that they are not trustworthy, reliable or always late to their dates or meetings.  When they do stick to an appointment or meeting, they make sure they are 10 minutes early for that meeting or date.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is usually stocked with an abundance of functional, useful items.  When they have so much around for these objects, they are still considered having a cluttered environment no matter what.  I get this from my brother & anybody else who thinks that all things should be put in a nice, tidy place.  B blood types always have to have needful things close at hand.  This would be like needing books, computers, software, etc. at hand right at a computer desk & a big bookshelf to have things not cluttered & always close at hand.  If not, they lose their concentration on what they are doing & forget which place they need to start again.  Personal items for the B blood type are there to put emphasis on utility more than ornamental.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is dedicated to their work & new people they don’t know means that they aren’t generally able to work with right off the bat.  B blood types are considered loners as they are not happy with outside interference from others socially, when problems arise because they are hard-headed & then make sure that they are getting the fact of the matter truthfully even if the problem at hand is personal.  Professional dealings work well for them, but when in an intimate setting, things usually go sideways or backfire on them & don’t like that at all even if they have to deal with it anyway.  This gives others around them a sense that the B blood type is blunt & has no feeling about the situation at hand.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B consider that when they are social, they are not very discreetful in what they say.  They have blunders & make very many mistakes as they have a contradictory inner struggle of restraining themselves & being impulsive as they will speak their minds.  There are a lot of people that think that being discreet is better than being direct in their answers as well.  Those matters that the B blood type talk about are something that most consider something that shouldn’t be mentioned.  My brother & I have a lot to say & get into some arguments that shouldn’t mean nothing, but he is really hardnosed in what he says & never backs down unless his wife tells him to.  He then realizes what is said to come back if his answer is needed to be squashed & telling me he is sorry & I do the same for him when I know that I am in the wrong.  Then we go on our ways & live life again.  fighting isn’t permissible here at all.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is considered by a lot of doctors to be “reflective” which means that they have more control over their minds as opposed to their emotions.  Their inner lives are run by their ideas & principles they have.  The people close to B blood types think that these types are very cold & formal along with sometimes being ascetic or being strict in denying themselves stuff from going through their lives using personal & spiritual discipline in everything they do.  B blood type interpersonal relationships are marked mostly by detachment, restraint, being reserved & acting in a certain way through discipline, along with coolness that they seem to have too!

Do you find anyone you know like this?  If there is anyone you know like this, they were born that way & have been self taught for anything they have done or will do in life.  Now that you know about B blood types, how many of you can handle that type of person in a marriage?

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Marketing Healthy Living Through Any Essential Means Necessary

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary is what I have done for me & how I can get others to see what I can do for them.  These few long paragraphs just go into detail about how I have really changed my health for the good.  I am also here to help others who don’t know how to change their unhealthy lifestyle back to a new life.   I love to improve others with their health & show them about their health conditions that leave them in bed & taking meds without any progress of learning what is needed to help them become the people they were once before with life & happiness.  It does take lots of effort to get back life that was once there before.  It took a while to make your body become how it is now & will help to regain what is lost through the rest of this post.

Marketing for my health is absolutely essential as I get my health incredibly better.  Marketing is all about boosting the ways of you niche which mine is health & to take you to the very top of the food chain.  I market my health from what I eat & the amount of exercise I do to bring my body to the maximum health I can.  I also have to do exercises like sit-ups & twists to make my body flexible in areas that are really stiff when just sitting at a table watching TV or doing nothing, etc.  This does nothing to help anyone who is trying to become healthy without the effort.  Here is a saying I once heard, “No pain, no gain.”  So I start off with what I have eaten the last month for breakfast & the supplements I have& still take, & also to increase how my body has reacted.  It has been getting better, but as I go out in the coldest days of December, I am needing to add more to my body as I warm my body up & need energy to create the body temperatures to be out in the cold.  I started off for breakfast with a 10 grain cereal that I cooked within 10 minutes & has fiber along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  All these nutrients are great & adding juices to help use & break down what you put into your body like I did with hot cereal produces that energy you once had.  These are all used in your body to give you the most benefits & heal or prevent anything your body has, or will get in the near future.  This accounts for colds, flu, cholesterol & heart problems, cancer, menstrual problems for men & women both, mood swings, behavioral problems & all kinds of mental & physical problems that mess with your life & tend to make it harder for you as you raise children.  I had wheatgrass added into my cereal when it doesn’t have everything I need as I am trying to rebuild my broken body.  This was after I waited for my hot cereal to cool off & as I was eating it, I would drink water or juices to keep it from bulking up so much.  I needed those nutrients in my body to get me ready for my walk of almost 10 miles round trip.  This & drinking coffee to start the hot cereal for burning energy & also putting fiber in the parts of my body it needed as I make this walk.  Drinking coffee helps to start your vitamins, minerals & other nutrients to work & improve your body’s broken down conditions & starts to rework it to improve how it works each day.  I walked in 25 degree weather & was snowing some which added to the difficulty of what I would experience for that time learning about how fiber transfers & works in the most needed parts of your body.  This part of my body that had been worked on by adding fiber was & hasn’t been that good for a long time.  I finally got the fiber in the spot of where I had the sciatica at & has taken me to being out in that cold for short periods of time to going for longer periods as I worked to get to that 10 miles.  Fiber is useful in the most needed places to repair your systems & body parts & always good to keep water added so your body takes in all the nutrients it needs.  The stomach digests the food you put in as the rest of your systems in your body use all those nutrients to add & become what you want from the activity or doing activities to be as mobile as you wanted while laid up in bed.  That was my day after 5 hours in the cold & felt good the next day when all the food had finally been removed from the body as the body gets rid of all the waste & toxins that keep you under the weather..

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary provides us a way to make choices that increase how our lives are from beginning to end.  Marketing for my health is a way to let everyone know what they can really do to make their bodies stronger, healthier, repairing injuries & giving their minds the added boost while re-correcting their unhealthy habits, too.  I do this through my actions & the ways I eat.  Health for me means maintaining what I have & keeping a balance by keeping a record of what my body is taking in to actually know whether I am over the line or not.  Marketing for me about health practically gives me something to work for because I have taken the right steps to make myself totally better, but people in the U.S. are in dire need of becoming better than what they are.  So I say, “Health in the U.S. is greatly reduced & we all need to experience something better & use what we had in our traditional ways.”

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary requires a lot of knowledge & perseverance using websites through WordPress & other means to get our message across.  I use my niche of health to show the knowledge & personal experiences to encourage others to become who they want in the health they desire.  Health is a niche in marketing which is considered a part when thinking of a community who need more than just this.  There are other niches that people can get into, but this is my niche & use it for helping others understand, grow & believe in making themselves healthier again.  As we stay healthy, we know how to make use of our time & helping our children become healthy, too.  I love others & am helping them learn about good health & think that since tradition has gone from good to nothing here in the United States, health has gone from good to poor, too.

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary proves to me that doctors & other medical professionals have the knowledge, but live by rules & regulations of the medical centers that believe in prescriptions & not using natural health to make us better.  The health administration & others in executive positions are all encouraged to uphold those rules & regulations, but we are given choices or options as to what they can do for us.  There is never anything mentioned about what we can do as patients to get better nutrition because of the free thinking we have, there are people out there looking for cures that aren’t doing what is needed for the body.  This is like working on a car & giving the owner the car back, fixing it with whatever they could come up with & not caring about the outcome at all.  Life isn’t fair, but we need to know what else is out there before we decide to lose what we were given as we only have 1 chance to stay healthy & live as long as we can.

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The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A

This is a continuation of my last post of blood types called, “Health Within Your Blood Type”.  The who’s who of blood types starts off with four different blood types of people.  Each one has different characteristics to their personalities.  The four blood types are blood type A, blood type B, blood type AB, & blood type O.  I will start off with blood type A & add more to the picture I have in the middle of this post.  This picture will bring back the thoughts of who you are & what you are doing during your entire life with friends, family, marriages, relationships, finances, compatibility issues & your careers or jobs you have now & in the future.  I will get into this part of all the blood types which helps you to understand more about yourself & where your life goes in general with each & every aspect in this book called, “What’s Your Type?”.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types starts off with blood type A talking about the main characteristic which is a reserved calm.   Blood Type A’s are able to have very even tempered & unruffled attitudes.  Blood type A will be the leader when the rest in the group become confused & lost about what is needed to be done for a project.  This project when others are lost & confused are happy for Blood Type A to have the cool head & will surround  Blood Type A to show appreciation for their leadership.  This helps a lot when Blood Type A is normally an introvert, withdrawn & standoffish if someone else takes over being the leader for the whole group.  Not all “A blood types” tend to be introverts because some will also be extroverts in times when it is most needed.  Blood type A will always conform to others who are higher up in job positions that need them to be leaders, too.  They will overcome their nervousness & ill at ease with others for tasks that are needed.  Not only will they conform to fit in to a group or be a leader, but they also want harmony & hate any indecisiveness or negativity.  That’s when they step away to look at the situation at hand in order to get a better perspective on the subject matter.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A will look for lots of places to go to use surveys, pictures, quotes, or any other item whether business or in personal life to find out which direction to take, as they need to know how to use the leadership to their advantage & will also analyze each & every situation if necessary.  This gives them a very high standard to live by.  Sometimes in a situation when someone wants a quick decision or answer, blood type A will tend to back away until they feel comfortable in the situation at hand.  They will give suggestions to questions to see where it will take that subject matter in order for them to know what to do & are always open to suggestions or directions that help them to know which way to turn when that matter is most important.  In relationships of any sort, blood type A’s want to be loved for their opinions & decisions no matter what it takes.  My wife is like this a lot & we both have to learn what is good for the environment & of our jobs & business also.


Blood Type A’s are at the top right showing their personal characteristics & how they are fit into a lifestyle a lot, making themselves feel out of place & never feeling very comfortable when in a group as opposed to when they are actually by themselves too much.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A adjust their life & how they live to everyone else whether be a job, a life with their loved ones, anything that is a major decision that they don’t have to make.  These individuals will restructure everything that matters around them & themselves to fit into the way of life that is there at a job or anywhere else.  They tend to want to pull back when the timing is right to lose that leadership if there isn’t a need for them to fill the part like after work hours & are going to eat out or wanting to relax for the night.  They take life with a grain of salt & will forgive & forget all the time as long as they feel that they are right until they are proven wrong.  They are fighters to the extreme when needing to be a public speaker to any group & anything they think matters where there life is intertwined with a job or important subjects, too.  They are very shy & when away from a crowd will become that person who is lonely & doesn’t like crowds at all.  The energy for team competition will not be their greatest sport, but to compete against others for one on one competition.  They also tend to be nature lovers where they can just hike somewhere with one person & take that time for themselves.  They really feel better when they are alone or with the one they love along with getting their opinion all the time as well.  There are many other spots in their lives that bring them to feeling alone all time because of others who put them on a pedestal & see them as reliable but not sociable much.  This makes them feel out of place.  I used to make my wife feel that way but really miss her being with me a lot more & letting her feel accepted way more than I should.  I can’t express how very much that Blood Type A’s need to feel very close to know they are in fact a part of the group even if they think they need to do other things besides.  I had a mother who felt that way & never got to feel very close to her.  It drove me goofy sometimes, but had to take the bad with the good.  Now I know how to react & what to do with my wife, now, as we are getting along & being with each other more as we learn to love the ups & downs throughout our lives besides.  Take the time to see this chart above as I explain more on the other 3 blood types there above.  Give me your opinion of what you think about my post & describing what this blood type is like to you as you deal with people all day long.  You will start to see each & every one that tends to fit into each of these blood types when around your friends & in public with others.  I am impressed with what knowledge I know & all the learning I have done from reading this great book on what your blood type is & how it affects each & everyone of us throughout the day & night.

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Balanced Health To Increase Your Daily Needs

Balanced health to increase your daily needs are all about making sure your body get the types of daily foods & nutrition for each day’s activities.  I have made a resolution in making my body the best it can be each & every day for me to only see a doctor when truly needed.  I mean that you have to understand about your body & how much stress, your emotions, your daily activities at work, at home & at play.  Having balanced health gives you the energy you want, the freedom to think more without letting stress destroy your body & being able to keep the nutrition for your body at its optimal levels.  Buying canned foods with a lot of processing removes what nutrients were in the foods before they were processed before canning.  Balanced health determines how your body works for you as a friend or destroys what life you have as you fight to control, what you really can’t control with your likes & dislikes of foods.  This also goes for children of families as they are taught through the parents’ actions & what they see in each day’s activities at the table.


This picture depicts the needed vegetables to eat to get the minerals we need that we don’t eat enough of.  We only care about the solids & the only way to get rid of solids is to add a lot more liquids with those solids & exercise as much as you can to bring that nutrition to those optimal levels.  When you use the vegetables to make a salad, add other nutritious vegetables to get the most minerals as you get them to restore your body to balanced health.  This is how you increase your daily needs of nutrition which helps you to make your life as care-free & get the most out of your body more.

This picture depicts how balanced health by increasing your daily needs brings that optimum energy back into your life as you exercise which is good in all these areas of your body.  It increases the thinning of your blood when it is too thick, it changes the pulse rate from slow to a steady rate, improves your bones & structure of your body, & having a balanced healthy diet keeps your immune system at its best so you don’t get sick as much.

There are fruits & vegetables that have minerals & amino acids for your body, cereals that have most of your required vitamins & minerals, pasta that has necessary fats & meat along with adding herbs & spices to work your body to maintain the necessary energy levels all day long for optimal health.  Eggs that are cage free & brown have the best nutrients available for your whole body.  This includes what you need for memory & thinking, for energy, to keep your body strong & make you feel so good too.  These are just starters in getting you & your body balanced for a good balanced diet.

healthy resolutions

A picture of a book cover on balancing your body & life which brings your body to be as energetic as you can make it throughout the day..

Balanced health to increase your daily needs by improving who you can be when eating a well balanced meal with meat, vegetables, breads, juices, lots of water & sugars will set an example for your kids to eat as good as you do.  I am hearing a lot about families & how kids have very screwed up attitudes because of the unhealthy ways they choose to live.  Parents need to discipline their children in ways to teach them what is good in life as they grow up.  That means making sure that we are examples to our kids wherever we go.  Kids look up to us as they have nobody else.  If we don’t discipline our kids, they will go elsewhere to get that nourishment they are looking for which teach them more about life.  One of these examples are to eat more vegetables for them to get the minerals in their bodies in order for them to have a better attitude in life.  Nothing in life as we see it on TV will be anything like what we have in real life.  So please be an example for your kids for them to have a good life in school & to be well behaved by listening to you as parents in order for you to have a happy & healthy life!


Kids are children who need our undivided attention, not the TV or games or even the movies they watch.  These are nothing because they train their minds on what they see & will try & make it happen when they have no set rules in their lives.  Discipline & making sure they have morals will keep them from harm & lessen their chances of becoming taken by others as they will learn who really loves them & cares for them as they are being brought up in life.  we as parents also have to have morals to live by in order for us to teach our kids what they need to know.  First, we have to get our lives changed to know what we need to have before we try & have families that we want.

Balanced health to increase your daily needs is lived by a manifest in which we need to go by for us to learn more of how to treat our bodies which brings us to be as active as we can be, & learn to bring that energy out in our bodies that we have stored up for so long.  This is the manifest I live by & have learned that it brings me the peace of mind, love for my body & makes my family feel I am as responsible & trusting me for who I can be as I learn to make changes throughout my life.


This manifest will bring you more energy & love from your family as you use it regularly.  It will lessen stress, reduce the wear & tear of your body & bring you better health to increase your daily needs.

Better health to increase your daily needs has many benefits if you stay on track without cutting corners or trying to pay less to get more.  By eating meat, salads, breads, pasta & desserts, you have your 4-5 main food groups that will cover the necessary nutritional levels as you work, play, learn at school & do the necessary tasks in life to have a healthy lifestyle.  Snacks in between meals will  provide you with the fast energy for your body, but the necessary nutrition you get at each meal is what helps your body for the 4-5 hours of doing tasks for home, school & work along with the playing you need to get rid of the stress levels you have, if not playing or exercising which makes your body healthy & balanced.


This food chart designates the most good for your body & what your body needs the most of, but also remember solids need fats to be able to turn into energy for your body to become fit & fully active  as you work & play afterwards.  This is how you balance your body’s needs as you use these food groups to be happy, healthy, wealthy & wise.

Balanced health to increase you daily needs are doing exercises & stretching to provide you more flexibility without being cramped up after sitting for so long when you are at a career or job when sitting all day long.  When not exercising, your body just fills up & adds weight which then is hard to get rid of.  As you increase the weight, your body retains what you add & then it is even harder to get rid of which takes more energy & have to add more fiber back to your body to correct what weight has been put on.  So take the time to have balanced health to increase your body’s daily needs.

home exercises

This is a picture of a woman who is active & doing exercises at home sitting on a chair with a good posture by stretching & keeping her body flexible while there is no activity & can do it peacefully.

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Health Within Your Blood Type

Have you ever considered what your health is within your blood type?  Does your blood type interfere with the foods you eat?

Health within your blood type is incredible when you know how your emotions & actions are ruled by what you eat & what your activities are.  They rule your personalities & increase how you act through the foods you eat & where you go, your friends & how you make your opinions, too.  I did post “Blood Types” & what they are & what they do for you throughout your system.  I am now going to go into a book which helps to learn about your blood types A, B, AB & O.  Each & every one of them has their own personalities.  The title of this book is called, “What’s Your Type?”  The subtitle under the title is, “How Blood Types Are The Keys To Unlocking Your Personality” by Peter Constantine.  I have been learning about my blood type which is blood type O.  It really brings out who I am & how I interact with others, whether I am a leader or not, how strong I am in my mind & body, etc.  blood-type-characteristicsThis picture I have just added here was on my last post, but does fit for anyone who wants to know more about themselves through their blood type.  As you can see, my personal characteristics are shown at the top left.  There is a little insignia sign of your blood type to the left which tells you what blood type you are.  Do you know what your blood type is?  Your blood type is how you are defined in your life & all the people you come across who make you feel out of place, different, ready to fight, who make you glad or sad, etc.  Have you ever read this book?  It tells you & teaches you more than I can write into this post, or let you know about without adding so many posts here on this subject of blood types & DNA, which is also how you get your personality & fingerprints & everything else.  This describes what type of jobs you may be interested in & what you can stand as you work for your career through-out your whole lifetime.

Introduction-this part describes the book in full & how it affects each & every part of your life giving you who you are, what you want, how to get it, etc.

Chapter 1-The Who’s Who in Blood Types

Chapter 2-Blood Types At School

Chapter 3-Blood Types At Work

Chapter 4-Blood Types & Intimacy

Chapter 5-Blood Types & Marriage

Chapter 6-Marriage Compatibility

Chapter 7-Blood Types & Money

Chapter 8-Blood Types At Play

Each one of these chapters explain all about your personal habits, how you work, what to expect at school, your relationships with the opposite sex & marriage, what you need to do to be compatible in your marriage to make it work, how to increase your financial well being, how you play through your activities.  As you learn about them, they will help you deal with life in general & closer relationships with life, friends & family.  Your health that is well defined within your blood type is listed in this book.  Find out from your doctor after having a blood test done & ask about your blood type to know your destiny & personal characteristics throughout your lifetime!

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Blood Types

Blood types A, B, AB, & O are the types of blood we have in our bodies for each of us. This is how we get our personalities & likes & dislikes for everything.  Each blood type has foods that benefit, do nothing, or actually change for the worse on your body.  Do any of you want to learn more about blood types?  Each blood type has its benefits & problems also.  It is the way you learn that makes your body really active, happy or sad & depressed.  They even bring on diseases & a time duration that gets fixed when your blood type is finally straightened back up.  These blood types that you are bring different traits to your life like how you learn, the way you love, how you relate to people & especially relate to how you deal with money through your whole entire life.  Here are some questions you might be asking yourself about others, especially your soulmate sometimes which are: 1) Why do I feel so anxious when I’m around people I don’t know?  2) Why are the 2 of us not communicating as well as we should?  3) Why does she get things done & I don’t?  4) What’s the secret behind his golden touch?  5) Why do I panic about money?  Maybe you can find other questions with the mentioning of these that will start to work in your mind that have affected you in your lifetime.  Take the time to really look deep & you will find the answers as you keep on reading here on my blog. 


Blood types affect how you live, what you eat, your personal characteristics, your moods, your views on life, how you feel, your activities at work & play or at home with your children.  They bring these type of personal characteristics to each blood type that I will list now:  blood type O= extroverted-strong, leader, confident, pragmatic, strategic, patient & logical; blood type A=introverted-intense, inventive, demanding, perfectionist, sensitive, cooperative & creative; blood type B=independent-free thinker, resilient, creative, original, subjective & inveterate organizer; blood type AB=intuitive-emotional, passionate, friendly, trusting & empathetic.  There are different variations to all these blood types if you find that you have more than just 1 set of personal characteristics here.  Which of these personal characteristics do you see in yourself?  Mine is blood type O & have others to help me learn more about me through books & my activities which prove of my personal characteristics more each day.  I’m sure you will find more about yourself that will start to amaze you of who you truly are.


Blood types will bring you a good life, a healthy life, becoming unique by learning about yourself, or just ruining & destroying everything you have through your whole life, not thinking of why & who you really can become while you are still here & making that purpose in your life for you better each day.  What foods that you eat can bring on so much hatred or love or any other emotions which affect so much of your life too.  These foods bring on how you use your energy within you & how you store your emotions for later on.  Making sure you are healthy at all times will keep you at your optimal health & energy levels which keep you at the best you can be throughout your life, too.  Your blood type will prove a lot to you as you work your body within creating so much for yourself by strengthening your blood or letting it go to waste.  Also will tell you that animals like cows, pigs, chickens & turkeys all have almost the same types of nutrition by what they eat unless whoever has raised them has screwed with their foods they eat using some fillers or by products which destroy any nutritional value that they have in their bodies.  Another way that food like meats can get so dirty & become unsafe are by people who package the meat up without washing their hands or using some type of latex or other material glove that won’t soak in or add to the food like meat which gets dirty & unsafe to eat like in restaurants, too.  

Which blood type are you?  Read & learn more as you stay on this blog for more!  This is just the start.


If you have stories that relate to this post, share them as we all will learn from each other no matter if they seem stupid or not!

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