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Blood Types

Blood types A, B, AB, & O are the types of blood we have in our bodies for each of us. This is how we get our personalities & likes & dislikes for everything.  Each blood type has foods that benefit, do nothing, or actually change for the worse on your body.  Do any of you want to learn more about blood types?  Each blood type has its benefits & problems also.  It is the way you learn that makes your body really active, happy or sad & depressed.  They even bring on diseases & a time duration that gets fixed when your blood type is finally straightened back up.  These blood types that you are bring different traits to your life like how you learn, the way you love, how you relate to people & especially relate to how you deal with money through your whole entire life.  Here are some questions you might be asking yourself about others, especially your soulmate sometimes which are: 1) Why do I feel so anxious when I’m around people I don’t know?  2) Why are the 2 of us not communicating as well as we should?  3) Why does she get things done & I don’t?  4) What’s the secret behind his golden touch?  5) Why do I panic about money?  Maybe you can find other questions with the mentioning of these that will start to work in your mind that have affected you in your lifetime.  Take the time to really look deep & you will find the answers as you keep on reading here on my blog. 


Blood types affect how you live, what you eat, your personal characteristics, your moods, your views on life, how you feel, your activities at work & play or at home with your children.  They bring these type of personal characteristics to each blood type that I will list now:  blood type O= extroverted-strong, leader, confident, pragmatic, strategic, patient & logical; blood type A=introverted-intense, inventive, demanding, perfectionist, sensitive, cooperative & creative; blood type B=independent-free thinker, resilient, creative, original, subjective & inveterate organizer; blood type AB=intuitive-emotional, passionate, friendly, trusting & empathetic.  There are different variations to all these blood types if you find that you have more than just 1 set of personal characteristics here.  Which of these personal characteristics do you see in yourself?  Mine is blood type O & have others to help me learn more about me through books & my activities which prove of my personal characteristics more each day.  I’m sure you will find more about yourself that will start to amaze you of who you truly are.


Blood types will bring you a good life, a healthy life, becoming unique by learning about yourself, or just ruining & destroying everything you have through your whole life, not thinking of why & who you really can become while you are still here & making that purpose in your life for you better each day.  What foods that you eat can bring on so much hatred or love or any other emotions which affect so much of your life too.  These foods bring on how you use your energy within you & how you store your emotions for later on.  Making sure you are healthy at all times will keep you at your optimal health & energy levels which keep you at the best you can be throughout your life, too.  Your blood type will prove a lot to you as you work your body within creating so much for yourself by strengthening your blood or letting it go to waste.  Also will tell you that animals like cows, pigs, chickens & turkeys all have almost the same types of nutrition by what they eat unless whoever has raised them has screwed with their foods they eat using some fillers or by products which destroy any nutritional value that they have in their bodies.  Another way that food like meats can get so dirty & become unsafe are by people who package the meat up without washing their hands or using some type of latex or other material glove that won’t soak in or add to the food like meat which gets dirty & unsafe to eat like in restaurants, too.  

Which blood type are you?  Read & learn more as you stay on this blog for more!  This is just the start.


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