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Health Within Your Blood Type


Have you ever considered what your health is within your blood type?  Does your blood type interfere with the foods you eat?

Health within your blood type is incredible when you know how your emotions & actions are ruled by what you eat & what your activities are.  They rule your personalities & increase how you act through the foods you eat & where you go, your friends & how you make your opinions, too.  I did post “Blood Types” & what they are & what they do for you throughout your system.  I am now going to go into a book which helps to learn about your blood types A, B, AB & O.  Each & every one of them has their own personalities.  The title of this book is called, “What’s Your Type?”  The subtitle under the title is, “How Blood Types Are The Keys To Unlocking Your Personality” by Peter Constantine.  I have been learning about my blood type which is blood type O.  It really brings out who I am & how I interact with others, whether I am a leader or not, how strong I am in my mind & body, etc.  blood-type-characteristicsThis picture I have just added here was on my last post, but does fit for anyone who wants to know more about themselves through their blood type.  As you can see, my personal characteristics are shown at the top left.  There is a little insignia sign of your blood type to the left which tells you what blood type you are.  Do you know what your blood type is?  Your blood type is how you are defined in your life & all the people you come across who make you feel out of place, different, ready to fight, who make you glad or sad, etc.  Have you ever read this book?  It tells you & teaches you more than I can write into this post, or let you know about without adding so many posts here on this subject of blood types & DNA, which is also how you get your personality & fingerprints & everything else.  This describes what type of jobs you may be interested in & what you can stand as you work for your career through-out your whole lifetime.

Introduction-this part describes the book in full & how it affects each & every part of your life giving you who you are, what you want, how to get it, etc.

Chapter 1-The Who’s Who in Blood Types

Chapter 2-Blood Types At School

Chapter 3-Blood Types At Work

Chapter 4-Blood Types & Intimacy

Chapter 5-Blood Types & Marriage

Chapter 6-Marriage Compatibility

Chapter 7-Blood Types & Money

Chapter 8-Blood Types At Play

Each one of these chapters explain all about your personal habits, how you work, what to expect at school, your relationships with the opposite sex & marriage, what you need to do to be compatible in your marriage to make it work, how to increase your financial well being, how you play through your activities.  As you learn about them, they will help you deal with life in general & closer relationships with life, friends & family.  Your health that is well defined within your blood type is listed in this book.  Find out from your doctor after having a blood test done & ask about your blood type to know your destiny & personal characteristics throughout your lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “Health Within Your Blood Type

  1. Quite interesting. I never thought about blood types in this way. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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