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The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A

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This is a continuation of my last post of blood types called, “Health Within Your Blood Type”.  The who’s who of blood types starts off with four different blood types of people.  Each one has different characteristics to their personalities.  The four blood types are blood type A, blood type B, blood type AB, & blood type O.  I will start off with blood type A & add more to the picture I have in the middle of this post.  This picture will bring back the thoughts of who you are & what you are doing during your entire life with friends, family, marriages, relationships, finances, compatibility issues & your careers or jobs you have now & in the future.  I will get into this part of all the blood types which helps you to understand more about yourself & where your life goes in general with each & every aspect in this book called, “What’s Your Type?”.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types starts off with blood type A talking about the main characteristic which is a reserved calm.   Blood Type A’s are able to have very even tempered & unruffled attitudes.  Blood type A will be the leader when the rest in the group become confused & lost about what is needed to be done for a project.  This project when others are lost & confused are happy for Blood Type A to have the cool head & will surround  Blood Type A to show appreciation for their leadership.  This helps a lot when Blood Type A is normally an introvert, withdrawn & standoffish if someone else takes over being the leader for the whole group.  Not all “A blood types” tend to be introverts because some will also be extroverts in times when it is most needed.  Blood type A will always conform to others who are higher up in job positions that need them to be leaders, too.  They will overcome their nervousness & ill at ease with others for tasks that are needed.  Not only will they conform to fit in to a group or be a leader, but they also want harmony & hate any indecisiveness or negativity.  That’s when they step away to look at the situation at hand in order to get a better perspective on the subject matter.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A will look for lots of places to go to use surveys, pictures, quotes, or any other item whether business or in personal life to find out which direction to take, as they need to know how to use the leadership to their advantage & will also analyze each & every situation if necessary.  This gives them a very high standard to live by.  Sometimes in a situation when someone wants a quick decision or answer, blood type A will tend to back away until they feel comfortable in the situation at hand.  They will give suggestions to questions to see where it will take that subject matter in order for them to know what to do & are always open to suggestions or directions that help them to know which way to turn when that matter is most important.  In relationships of any sort, blood type A’s want to be loved for their opinions & decisions no matter what it takes.  My wife is like this a lot & we both have to learn what is good for the environment & of our jobs & business also.


Blood Type A’s are at the top right showing their personal characteristics & how they are fit into a lifestyle a lot, making themselves feel out of place & never feeling very comfortable when in a group as opposed to when they are actually by themselves too much.

The Who’s Who of Blood Types: Blood Type A adjust their life & how they live to everyone else whether be a job, a life with their loved ones, anything that is a major decision that they don’t have to make.  These individuals will restructure everything that matters around them & themselves to fit into the way of life that is there at a job or anywhere else.  They tend to want to pull back when the timing is right to lose that leadership if there isn’t a need for them to fill the part like after work hours & are going to eat out or wanting to relax for the night.  They take life with a grain of salt & will forgive & forget all the time as long as they feel that they are right until they are proven wrong.  They are fighters to the extreme when needing to be a public speaker to any group & anything they think matters where there life is intertwined with a job or important subjects, too.  They are very shy & when away from a crowd will become that person who is lonely & doesn’t like crowds at all.  The energy for team competition will not be their greatest sport, but to compete against others for one on one competition.  They also tend to be nature lovers where they can just hike somewhere with one person & take that time for themselves.  They really feel better when they are alone or with the one they love along with getting their opinion all the time as well.  There are many other spots in their lives that bring them to feeling alone all time because of others who put them on a pedestal & see them as reliable but not sociable much.  This makes them feel out of place.  I used to make my wife feel that way but really miss her being with me a lot more & letting her feel accepted way more than I should.  I can’t express how very much that Blood Type A’s need to feel very close to know they are in fact a part of the group even if they think they need to do other things besides.  I had a mother who felt that way & never got to feel very close to her.  It drove me goofy sometimes, but had to take the bad with the good.  Now I know how to react & what to do with my wife, now, as we are getting along & being with each other more as we learn to love the ups & downs throughout our lives besides.  Take the time to see this chart above as I explain more on the other 3 blood types there above.  Give me your opinion of what you think about my post & describing what this blood type is like to you as you deal with people all day long.  You will start to see each & every one that tends to fit into each of these blood types when around your friends & in public with others.  I am impressed with what knowledge I know & all the learning I have done from reading this great book on what your blood type is & how it affects each & everyone of us throughout the day & night.

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