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The Who’s Who In Blood Types: Blood Type B

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The who’s who in blood types & working on blood type B is very organized & mechanical.  Blood type B starts out with personality traits of being sober, rational, pragmatic or using logical or reasonable thoughts instead of having ideas at all.  They are practical & way down to earth not caring anything but what they do other than for work.  They set goals to achieve & get them done no matter what.  They will help those who are with them in their achievements, but nothing else until they have their goals reached.  The blood type B fixes, builds & creates when working with machinery & is great when all is moving smoothly.  They are specialists & approach anything with a cautious eye.  If needing to do anything out of their forte’, they will use instructions from a book, or manual to learn from it.  While reading about what they are fixing, they will write notes down, then lay out tools in an organized fashion.  In what they do as they are reading or writing, they are in their own world, neglecting everything else.  Nothing stops them from making sure they have their goals taken care of first.  This usually is no problem at work or at their profession, but always is a problem in a loving relationship.  They are accused of being messy, too.

The B blood type uses his energy for his goals & leaves everything else aside.  Once a goal has been set, the B blood type stays with that goal generally with so much energy & vigor, they will push on until the bitter end.  This way is like a double-edged sword.  They will push on even when everything for circumstances is bad or when business is bad no matter what.  Sometimes when they have projects that the goals are set, they will drive them way down deep & not give up until nothing is left.  B blood types aren’t very good team players either.  They won’t play team type sports.  They love golf, gymnastics, bodybuilding & tennis because they will rebel against any team type structures.  They believe in their own strategies & maneuvers to keep their winnings to themselves.

B blood types are individualists which love to work on their own & do their own thing.  They aren’t happy unless they are in control.  They will usually relate to their own blood group, not from being compatible with others in their own group, but believe in their strong developed sense of self empathizing with other individualists.  B blood types are volatile friends & goals come first before anything else.  They don’t like being socially active until they are done with their goals.  B blood types are great to others as long as they follow them as leaders in their direction.  These blood types have a heightened sense of self, clearly for what they want to do & its importance.  B blood types are considered being too self-absorbed & egocentric, maybe egomaniacal.

Faith in any type of religion, even for a business or a cause will make them perfect candidates even for religious offices.  They have a particular predisposition to follow through with everything.  B blood types have a strong attraction to dogma & doctrine which proves that they believe in what they do no matter what it is.  They are so involved in what they do, schedules & dates are never kept because of their projects & goals needing to be met all the time.  This tells me that faith & goals are necessary & they believe in finishing a project & not being so reliable on any social standings that require them to go unless absolutely necessary.  They are told then that they are not trustworthy, reliable or always late to their dates or meetings.  When they do stick to an appointment or meeting, they make sure they are 10 minutes early for that meeting or date.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is usually stocked with an abundance of functional, useful items.  When they have so much around for these objects, they are still considered having a cluttered environment no matter what.  I get this from my brother & anybody else who thinks that all things should be put in a nice, tidy place.  B blood types always have to have needful things close at hand.  This would be like needing books, computers, software, etc. at hand right at a computer desk & a big bookshelf to have things not cluttered & always close at hand.  If not, they lose their concentration on what they are doing & forget which place they need to start again.  Personal items for the B blood type are there to put emphasis on utility more than ornamental.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is dedicated to their work & new people they don’t know means that they aren’t generally able to work with right off the bat.  B blood types are considered loners as they are not happy with outside interference from others socially, when problems arise because they are hard-headed & then make sure that they are getting the fact of the matter truthfully even if the problem at hand is personal.  Professional dealings work well for them, but when in an intimate setting, things usually go sideways or backfire on them & don’t like that at all even if they have to deal with it anyway.  This gives others around them a sense that the B blood type is blunt & has no feeling about the situation at hand.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B consider that when they are social, they are not very discreetful in what they say.  They have blunders & make very many mistakes as they have a contradictory inner struggle of restraining themselves & being impulsive as they will speak their minds.  There are a lot of people that think that being discreet is better than being direct in their answers as well.  Those matters that the B blood type talk about are something that most consider something that shouldn’t be mentioned.  My brother & I have a lot to say & get into some arguments that shouldn’t mean nothing, but he is really hardnosed in what he says & never backs down unless his wife tells him to.  He then realizes what is said to come back if his answer is needed to be squashed & telling me he is sorry & I do the same for him when I know that I am in the wrong.  Then we go on our ways & live life again.  fighting isn’t permissible here at all.

The who’s who in blood types: blood type B is considered by a lot of doctors to be “reflective” which means that they have more control over their minds as opposed to their emotions.  Their inner lives are run by their ideas & principles they have.  The people close to B blood types think that these types are very cold & formal along with sometimes being ascetic or being strict in denying themselves stuff from going through their lives using personal & spiritual discipline in everything they do.  B blood type interpersonal relationships are marked mostly by detachment, restraint, being reserved & acting in a certain way through discipline, along with coolness that they seem to have too!

Do you find anyone you know like this?  If there is anyone you know like this, they were born that way & have been self taught for anything they have done or will do in life.  Now that you know about B blood types, how many of you can handle that type of person in a marriage?

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