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Hot Tap Water


Did you know that using a kidney cleanser is more expensive than just using hot tap water?  Have you ever tried hot tap water to make your kidneys feel less painful when feeling all clogged up?  Hot tap water is really a very good cure for unclogging your kidneys when painful & in need of being emptied out.  Try it to encourage your kidneys to function again!  This will also take care of needing a doctor to tell you that you are needing to remove your kidneys just because they are full.  What have you done when you have a pot full of water & you add more to it?  Don’t you need to empty it out before you have the water spill out all over the place?  Think about this every day when telling yourself that you can wait.  I don’t think it works!  Your kidneys expand & a pot of any other container will only go as far as you get liquids to the top like water.  Taking a container that can be sealed & frozen in the freezer is just like your kidneys when filling them up with solids which burst or just quit working because they are so full & have nothing to use to get rid of that fullness.

Hot tap water is so very good when cleansing & detoxifying your kidneys.  Since the heat of the hot tap water helps to expand what your kidneys aren’t able to work with, hot tap water just tears & eats away at all those solids & whatever else to release & break down proteins, amino acids, enzymes & all other nutrients in your kidneys.  In my experiences of going to the doctors & hospitals in the states, I haven’t found them at all to use anything but medications that are to work until your body adjusts to it.  I was in need of a quick fix to get my kidneys unclogged after drinking some energy drinks that if not moving & getting them to work the right way after exercising, you will have clogged kidneys too.  When unclogging your kidneys with hot tap water, it will take a lot longer to get your kidneys unclogged this way instead of just maintaining your body’s welfare & being.  By using hot tap water, your kidneys are unclogging & you have less health problems also.  It relieves stress, the need for others to make noise when they need to use the restroom, etc. which has less pressure on everyone in the family besides.  Are you one to maintain your body’s well being or have things stop up your kidneys & other parts to make it harder on you & others around you?

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