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Foods That Heal: Acne

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Foods that heal are ways to become healthier over this subject of acne.  Acne is a health problem with skin & ways to prevent acne from occurring after you first get it.    Have you ever had acne?  Do you know what to use or even foods that you need for acne to go away?  I am going to help you answer these questions as you read my post here for foods that heal for acne as skin problems in health.  Acne is a inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands secreting a greasy or oily substance that appears on your face, neck, back & chest.  They become red & full of pus when infected; they will turn into pustules like the photo below.   


Foods with zinc & needing between 50mg-150mg after checking with your physician or general doctor can be used to clear up your acne health problems.  The foods you can use are full of zinc along with zinc supplements which will help break down these pimples & pustules that are all over your upper body in front & back.  These foods are meat, vegetables & fruits, fish & poultry.  Using fresh fruits & vegetables have other great qualities like minerals, & amino acids that can help to break up the stomach problems that start these pustules all over your body.  These foods have the high nutritional value for helping clear up acne without a lot of prescription drugs:

  1. herring
  2. wheat germ
  3. sesame seeds
  4. torula yeast (if know what type of yeast that is)
  5. blackstrap molasses
  6. maple syrup
  7. liver
  8. soybeans
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. egg yolk
  11. lamb
  12. regular molasses
  13. chicken
  14. brewer’s yeast
  15. oats
  16. bone meal
  17. rye
  18. whole wheat
  19. corn
  20. coconut
  21. beef
  22. beets
  23. turkey
  24. walnuts
  25. barley
  26. avocados
  27. beans
  28. peas
  29. bleu cheese
  30. eggs
  31. buckwheat

These are very good for your system & will reduce the health problems of your skin & get rid of your pustules as quick as they can.  It takes some time along with exercising to get them to be reduced quicker than just sitting & waiting for them to disappear.  Washing & scrubbing them & your body will get rid of the toxins on your face, neck, chest & back, too.   As you wash & remove these, the quicker your body gets healthier & makes you feel better when talking & interacting with friends & neighbors you have.

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