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Fat or Cholesterol (Good or Bad)

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Fat or cholesterol whether good or bad is part of our lives.  This means that what we eat that has cholesterol or fat in it, sits until it clears out of our bodies.  We all need to evaluate our lives as well as our family members.  When evaluating, this fat or cholesterol is used in our bodies when we exercise as opposed to sitting all the time.  If we sit, we are clogging up our blood supply through our arteries, veins & capillaries.  Steak is one of them that can clog your blood supply if not exercising, running or jogging along with drinking juices or water.  The cholesterol whether good or bad will exit your system after 2 things usually: 1) sleep, 2) exercising.  Doctors in other countries help mankind better than our own.  It’s a wonder that when trying to get rid of the fat or cholesterol also that we don’t consider fruits because we are told sugar is bad for us.  Just like fat or cholesterol, sugar is another that needs help removing if not active & just sit all the time.  Our bodies can’t process much if all our systems are in limbo or at a standstill.  The lives we have should be used to go to parks or doing other family related activities for our children & us when we have days off for ourselves.

Fat or cholesterol really takes a toll on us too.  We end up going to the emergency room after having strokes or heart attacks because of what we listen to through media.  Media has put an awful lot of stress on us that keeps us from going out away from our homes.  We start to believe in what we hear as we sit in front of our TVs, along with letting our children just run wild and out on their own.  This is another way of how we let stress take over when we don’t set rules down & other bad people can run amok making a mess of us or our close family members.  Fat, cholesterol & stress will slow us down if we let all these forces destroy us.  These types of forces will ruin us if we let them.  I wish in a way that negativity in our media would slow down and bring back more positive thinking for us in order for us to have better lives and state of minds.  News is a big factor in negativity when there is nothing positive said as much as the negative is brought out.  Hope that people reading this will be encouraged to change or help others to change from the ways that fat, cholesterol, etc. are consuming our lives.


Author: bloggingbyrgottier

My blog is about being healthy for me & hoping in making suggestions to others who need to learn healthy too on my healthy blog. On the other one is to show you my life & my thoughts of day to day things like the president & activities here in the USA; personality traits to work on which increases in what parents can or haven't done since our days go by faster than we want them to.

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