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Food, Exercise and Sleep Bring Good Health

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Food and exercise bring good health to everyone.  As we eat food and exercise, all this food is processed in our bodies.  This can’t be done if we sit all the time with no exercise, almost no activity or laying around a lot.  Food works to rebuild what your body uses up. The social activity is good and we all need it a lot.

We can be social as we walk or jog or run or do different types of fun things that make us active.  We can even use a pool to exercise by.  Adult activities don’t mean you have to sit & watch all day long.  We all can interact with our children and grandchildren as we live life.  This is not a communist type place where everyone is treated as such where TV and lounging are the only way to relax.  There is more to life than just work which includes socializing and exercising.  This statement does not include being fit & muscular like all are trying to make it like.

The right food which includes the 4 food groups all day long from breakfast to supper is how we make our bodies work and rest too.  Going by the amounts from each food group will bring lots of energy and rest so our bodies stay strong and healthy.  Vegetables are good for us as adults as well as our children.

Our children get ill because they believe everything they see from us as adults.  We teach our kids what we do by setting everything we do in front of them as an example, which creates something we should get them to believe in as fact and not making them do something we don’t do.  That is totally unacceptable if you are a parent to your kids.  Don’t fool everyone when you want to become married as this is wrong if you have kids and leave them!  They will feel abandoned.

Good health from food is how we take our bodies through years of stress and aggravation as well as fun and love and decisions.  This is how we bring cures that everyone on TV seems to forget.  We need a balance inside to keep us from becoming ill like our little ones that are getting cancer or other illnesses.

Sleep is a great way to empty out our bodies of all kinds of toxins or what the nutrition has removed from our bodies.  Sleep for 8 hours will do your body good & will keep us well after eating & exercising.  Relaxation after exercising & then laying on the bed really gives your body back the strength & stamina you need as you go through the day or afternoon with more activities.  There is also a lot you don’t need to do if single or a parent.  Those who are parents & mothers should get their bodies rest when they can & as much as they can.  This helps with a lot of problems in health after mothers’ pregnancies.  I have found out a lot from recovering from my own injuries & learning how to rest & sleep as the body heals naturally if can have that type of recovery.  Try to make your lives as healthy as possible!

Author: bloggingbyrgottier

My blog is about being healthy for me & hoping in making suggestions to others who need to learn healthy too on my healthy blog. On the other one is to show you my life & my thoughts of day to day things like the president & activities here in the USA; personality traits to work on which increases in what parents can or haven't done since our days go by faster than we want them to.

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