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Health Cures We All Want

Health cures are everything that our society within each state & all over the United States of America are working on which gets rid of health problems.  We all want cures so we don’t need to worry about any more than we have to.  Health cures can’t be made, but properly adding the right nutrients give us all the cures we want for our health.  There are so many different ways to decrease our health in such a fast rate of time.  I have found that when younger, we all heal fast.  When we are older & reach our 40s, 50s etc. on up to even as far as 80s, 90s, etc., our health goes down as we work & rest each & every day.  Besides the fact that we as adults keep our bodies maintained as much as possible, our kids can have the same health problems when they are born or don’t get the right nutrients as they grow up also.  I have added a lot of different posts here about health in blood types, needing bone marrow, what I went through to overcome most of my health, etc. just to inspire & bring those people as patients who go to doctors for help to see there are natural health needs we can use along with what we get from doctors & surgeries we have.

These health cures are exactly nothing but remedies which are bodies use & what we have to replenish more & more when we start to reach our 40s & will gradually keep requiring more as you go on up from your 40s reaching 90 & up also.  I have been getting all kinds of multi-vitamins & minerals that also include amino acids & more that our bodies need & without all these natural requirements, our bodies can’t take care of themselves without the maintenance from us helping out.  I do hope that everyone reading all my posts take this post & learn from it also & use my other posts to get better health care.  Our health care is a serious situation at our older ages & when we progress further up in age.  Our thinking can abruptly change when we have to have surgeries or even as far as internal organs are taken from us.  Cancer is a big problem which we can overcome through necessary nutrients.  There are others that need attention as much as the illness of cancer & how it progresses to a bad & deep problem.  It makes me wonder how much can be taken for granted a lot in our lives.  This is like a solution which we could do for ourselves just as much as we are taking care of everything else we use or do.  When we maintain our tools, we should be maintaining our bodies the same way.  This is how our grandparents & parents in the past were staying healthy most of the time.  I had to work on bringing my kidneys & liver back from almost useless to healthy by using the right nutrients in over 4-5 years time.  It took less than a few days to become the way I was before being healthy again.  This is what you call trying real hard to keep going on a real twisted diet as I had to have everything for food & gummies that were multi-types of nutrients to work my body & get the blood that was messed up working again.

I don’t know much about how to get a lot of feedback from what I know, but I do hope that what you need answered can be asked which can also help others as they read & comment from all of what I put out as knowledge.  Thanks to all of you & have better days ahead!