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Depression: Getting Past It!

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This depression we are in seems to be creating more hardships & leading us to a possible socialistic environment. That is where this depression with the coronavirus has brought us. Life inside brings us together, but also can make deep feelings come about. Where & why this depression came from started when we as a country couldn’t stop this coronavirus from entering into our lives. What makes this state of hardship is when a group of people have an illness & never pay attention to it. It slows us down & brings a lot of grief everywhere. It came from so many places & events that we enjoy like sports, eating, having great times with our loved ones & friends, going out to clubs, etc. This depression also came after we were locked down & weren’t able to do anything or go anywhere. When we got to at least buy things, there were so many things that got in stores & gone within a few hours. We thought “Where do we go now?” “What do we do?” “What is it that we did to suffer this way?” “Is this way of life going to continue down a broken path that just goes wherever?” “Do we want this as a way of life?” The answer that I came up with was “No way do I suffer what was brought to me!” “I will find a way past this & make this depression go away. I looked up what the coronavirus did & what part of the body it would affect. I then went to the stores & got whatever I felt would help me to get & keep the coronavirus away. Getting through it meant learning how to be able to keep my life stronger, better to get around, not have so much depression & being kept inside; being told what I could decide or have no other options for myself. Not even this antidote for the coronavirus helps that has been given to us. When in a depressed state, how you get through it depends on what you use for food & drink along with exercise to fuel your body entirely!

Depression is a state of sadness & your demeanor dropping. It’s like falling off your bike & having one of your parents tell you to get back up & try again. Depression is a change of a mood & whether it swings this way or that. The one thing that anyone who has depression needs to change & learn how to get past the troubled part of their minds by not feeling proud & keeping that pride in. Taking that depression & talking about what changed your thoughts to those depressing times in your mind & getting them out. It got me through a lot of tough times just listening & describing what I did without feeling like I had to hold it in. Holding in what depresses you will only make your entire body fall! It’s like watching a wall crumble with age & just drop to the ground. That’s what depression can do to you!

Author: bloggingbyrgottier

My blog is about being healthy for me & hoping in making suggestions to others who need to learn healthy too on my healthy blog. On the other one is to show you my life & my thoughts of day to day things like the president & activities here in the USA; personality traits to work on which increases in what parents can or haven't done since our days go by faster than we want them to.

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