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Health Cures

Health cures are considered cures to bad health. Bad health is just an imbalance to your health in your body. Health cures need different types of food that take care of your nutritional needs. Since there are people who believe in drugs, pot or anything but food to fix their needs for health cures, those cures that you consider cures are just levels in your body that are low or high which create these health problems like cancer, heart attacks, gastro-intestinal problems, etc. Food like the peels from different fruit or vegetables like potato peelings can be either eaten or put in heated or boiled water to get nutrients which can be used for drinking or even for stews, soups, etc. The dirt we use for growing fruit trees or vines & vegetables or herbs has nutrients in it as well. the nutrients come from the ground & whatever fertilizer we use to help our food grow big & strong like us. Even pumpkin has nutrients in it that we use to make decorations out of. Pumpkins have natural steroids & other nutrients that we get from the flesh, from the outer skin, & leave to rot away. That is how I take a thought of good food being wasted. Do we have other foods we just use to decorate on certain holidays & don’t use for anything else? I ask myself “Why do people have no thoughts about what they buy or have that destroys & is less than what we use after going to doctors that prescribe pills? Doesn’t cheap ways of dealing with our health problems beat going to a doctor just to pay enormous amounts of money that put us in debt & leave us broke?” “What are we thinking?” Health cures are what we use every day when we are feeding ourselves.

Health cures keep us healthy, wealthy & wise, but not using what we have & making others give us these nutritional items brings us doom that we seem to not notice until it’s too late to fix them! Changing these thoughts of ours can really make a difference in what we do & how much time we can spend to do different activities, bringing us a load more of tradition & having more money to feel better in the long run than to have no cures for when we aren’t healthy. I am always looking for ways to keep money in my pocket. I go to different stores & also natural herbs & spices to help out in my health. I read what is in the food as opposed to just grab-n-go. I use garlic, ginger, cumin, & some spices that are hot only to the tongue because I drink lots of liquids to keep the heat from ever hitting my stomach. This helps in getting a lot of nutrients without needing to spend a fortune in food items when making a breakfast, lunch or dinner. I only know this from past experience when having health issues that could have been life threatening!