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Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder

Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder are two of the most problematic health illnesses we have as we get older & our bodies decide to override what we think is healthy for it.  These kidney or gallbladder stones do take a toll on us creating pain just below the stomach.  Gallbladder stones start out as a grain of sand & will get as big as an egg or marble.  This is all caused by too much cholesterol in the bile.  Be aware that being overweight & too much cholesterol or insulin are major factors within the levels in your body.  Gallbladder stones are compared to how pearls are made in an oyster shell.  This is how they start in your body & can be a real chaotic & painful mess within your body.  There are four main items we need to get rid of these monsters that give us a lot of pain as we get older.  Water is one of the best resources that help to remove these stones a little at a time.  These gallbladder & kidney stones aren’t easy to get rid of as they develop over a bunch of years as our bodies have been run through a pit that we as people decide on when we don’t think about what we do to them through the years.  Kidney or gallbladder stones can go on for years as they grow & are left to be treated by doctors.  There are natural ways other than doctors to get rid of these stones that are untreated for long periods of time.  How do you get rid of these kidney and gallbladder stones that never go away as quick as you want them too?  One way is to pick it out like you would from an oyster shell when realizing it is as big as a pearl.  Take this last scenario with a grain of salt!

Stones: Kidney or Gallbladder means that there are minerals that are low or missing from your diet.  One of these minerals can create osteoporosis if the body doesn’t have enough of it.  Another mineral that we all use that helps these stones go away is part of what is in “Milk of Magnesia” dealing with constipation.  These three minerals work to get rid of kidney stones that are very painful & using a lot of water also will reduce the size of the kidney stones & balance the acid-alkaline levels in your body.  They are calcium, magnesium & potassium as they all are the needed essential minerals for getting the recommended daily amounts that will help to reduce & dissolve the crystallized substance that makes up the kidney stones from problems with urination.  They won’t go away overnight & will take a couple of days if water with  calcium & magnesium used in the right quantities.  This is still all considered to be a balancing act within your body’s systems.  Your body needs a lot of different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential oils & water to keep it at the right balance in order to function properly.  Life without the right & proper essentials for nutrition will definitely create health problems.

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Foods That Heal: Acne

Foods that heal are ways to become healthier over this subject of acne.  Acne is a health problem with skin & ways to prevent acne from occurring after you first get it.    Have you ever had acne?  Do you know what to use or even foods that you need for acne to go away?  I am going to help you answer these questions as you read my post here for foods that heal for acne as skin problems in health.  Acne is a inflammation of the skin’s sebaceous glands secreting a greasy or oily substance that appears on your face, neck, back & chest.  They become red & full of pus when infected; they will turn into pustules like the photo below.   


Foods with zinc & needing between 50mg-150mg after checking with your physician or general doctor can be used to clear up your acne health problems.  The foods you can use are full of zinc along with zinc supplements which will help break down these pimples & pustules that are all over your upper body in front & back.  These foods are meat, vegetables & fruits, fish & poultry.  Using fresh fruits & vegetables have other great qualities like minerals, & amino acids that can help to break up the stomach problems that start these pustules all over your body.  These foods have the high nutritional value for helping clear up acne without a lot of prescription drugs:

  1. herring
  2. wheat germ
  3. sesame seeds
  4. torula yeast (if know what type of yeast that is)
  5. blackstrap molasses
  6. maple syrup
  7. liver
  8. soybeans
  9. sunflower seeds
  10. egg yolk
  11. lamb
  12. regular molasses
  13. chicken
  14. brewer’s yeast
  15. oats
  16. bone meal
  17. rye
  18. whole wheat
  19. corn
  20. coconut
  21. beef
  22. beets
  23. turkey
  24. walnuts
  25. barley
  26. avocados
  27. beans
  28. peas
  29. bleu cheese
  30. eggs
  31. buckwheat

These are very good for your system & will reduce the health problems of your skin & get rid of your pustules as quick as they can.  It takes some time along with exercising to get them to be reduced quicker than just sitting & waiting for them to disappear.  Washing & scrubbing them & your body will get rid of the toxins on your face, neck, chest & back, too.   As you wash & remove these, the quicker your body gets healthier & makes you feel better when talking & interacting with friends & neighbors you have.

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