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Exercise! What is exercise? The true meaning of exercise is keeping your body active & moving all your body parts within a 5 day period. This means running jogging walking all over town or just around the neighborhood a few blocks at a time, working out, doing sit-ups, push-ups, leg lifts, rotating hips through leg exercises, massages for increasing circulation & giving sore muscles a rest (every other day for same exercises if using the same muscles over & over again). This list can go on for exercises to reduce weight, release the waste from your body, increase the nutrition & overall health, bring new meaning to your life & help to increase your muscle tone.  Using music while exercising inspires you, keeps you going for the time you want & will improve your thinking of what goes on around you.  It also is considered fitness just as much as exercise.

Exercise is a great way to reduce health problems after eating, before eating, even using treadmills or lifting weights. Going to fitness clubs gets you exercise throughout your whole body also. Exercising brings you a good, restful sleep & helps your body improve how it feels & works the next day as you start all over again. It is just like the times when you were younger & loved being out & going to a lot of places when you were so full of life. Sleeping after exercising will produce incredible results after you have exercised for a few weeks at a time. Your body will improve circulation, feel less stress, increase flexibility to your joints in hands, legs, feet, neck & head. This doesn’t mean you have to become someone who takes sports like a pro does. I just love knowing that when my blog is checked out about any & all health conditions & what your body should feel like, that all of you who follow my blog can truly feel better & give your doctors something to be happy about. I want you as my follower & the person who truly believes in what is said & taught here, to know that missing out on exercise is truly underestimating what your body can really do for you! This means that when you young, your body could take anything but you never really knew what it meant to make your body comeback after a very sick week or month.

Exercise that you do can be timed so you can make your body faster & quicker & bring the happiness to yourself also. Exercise when timed is helpful when you have a lot to do in 1 day. The exercise(s) you do that are timed should mean a lot to you when needing to get kids or make food for the family, getting groceries, or even being the one to the deeds or tasks all day long. Tasks are a way of exercising by lifting, walking, using your hands, building strength & being motivated every day to do the same thing while feeling good. Timed exercises increase stamina, your performance, strength, & how agile you are the whole day too. This is also great when you need to stop to see your TV shows like sports & the teams playing or auto racing like the way I do, especially if you are competing a lot in sports.

Exercise is needed also to keep the food you eat from accumulating in your body & bringing on the health problems that start when your body doesn’t get the exercise it should if just resting before going to bed. It won’t help at all to do work that either keeps you on your feet without moving, sitting at a desk doing paperwork all day, drinking coffee all day long without the need of getting up to move around which strips your body’s nutrients from you, if you work more than you sleep for each & every day of your life or sleeping & eating junk food that just puts on the weight too. These examples of what goes on in your lifestyle & work life aren’t anything good, unless you exercise to reduce the calories & carbs that would just accumulate & sit in your body, which means that scheduling exercise during the day sometime will help your overall health more. Your body needs the exercise for you to perform the way you have always done until you had these health problems come up. I know a lot about exercise as I was always going around & fixing things, playing sports, doing a lot of labor work, increasing my knowledge as I walked around town making conversation to business owners or people who were interested in what I did or could do to help them in their time of need. I loved life & still do. Exercise is what brings a good life back after struggling from any type of health condition you have or are suffering from.  I will have pictures below of a lot of exercises & the meaning of exercising, so just go through them & learn along with trying these exercises just to find what they will do for you also.

Exercise Definition Button Showing Fitness Activity And Working

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Exercise to have fun














Running at the fitness club








Glute Bridge



Alternating Dumbbell Row



                                           Don’t forget to rehydrate yourself while working out or walking, running or jogging!


             Remember to rate yourself for all these exercises, as you get better, you will bring back your flexibility, agility, strength & stamina.


Thanks for participating in all these exercises that are good for your body.  If you would like to comment or ask questions, feel free to do it however you wish!












































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Balanced Health To Increase Your Daily Needs

Balanced health to increase your daily needs are all about making sure your body get the types of daily foods & nutrition for each day’s activities.  I have made a resolution in making my body the best it can be each & every day for me to only see a doctor when truly needed.  I mean that you have to understand about your body & how much stress, your emotions, your daily activities at work, at home & at play.  Having balanced health gives you the energy you want, the freedom to think more without letting stress destroy your body & being able to keep the nutrition for your body at its optimal levels.  Buying canned foods with a lot of processing removes what nutrients were in the foods before they were processed before canning.  Balanced health determines how your body works for you as a friend or destroys what life you have as you fight to control, what you really can’t control with your likes & dislikes of foods.  This also goes for children of families as they are taught through the parents’ actions & what they see in each day’s activities at the table.


This picture depicts the needed vegetables to eat to get the minerals we need that we don’t eat enough of.  We only care about the solids & the only way to get rid of solids is to add a lot more liquids with those solids & exercise as much as you can to bring that nutrition to those optimal levels.  When you use the vegetables to make a salad, add other nutritious vegetables to get the most minerals as you get them to restore your body to balanced health.  This is how you increase your daily needs of nutrition which helps you to make your life as care-free & get the most out of your body more.

This picture depicts how balanced health by increasing your daily needs brings that optimum energy back into your life as you exercise which is good in all these areas of your body.  It increases the thinning of your blood when it is too thick, it changes the pulse rate from slow to a steady rate, improves your bones & structure of your body, & having a balanced healthy diet keeps your immune system at its best so you don’t get sick as much.

There are fruits & vegetables that have minerals & amino acids for your body, cereals that have most of your required vitamins & minerals, pasta that has necessary fats & meat along with adding herbs & spices to work your body to maintain the necessary energy levels all day long for optimal health.  Eggs that are cage free & brown have the best nutrients available for your whole body.  This includes what you need for memory & thinking, for energy, to keep your body strong & make you feel so good too.  These are just starters in getting you & your body balanced for a good balanced diet.

healthy resolutions

A picture of a book cover on balancing your body & life which brings your body to be as energetic as you can make it throughout the day..

Balanced health to increase your daily needs by improving who you can be when eating a well balanced meal with meat, vegetables, breads, juices, lots of water & sugars will set an example for your kids to eat as good as you do.  I am hearing a lot about families & how kids have very screwed up attitudes because of the unhealthy ways they choose to live.  Parents need to discipline their children in ways to teach them what is good in life as they grow up.  That means making sure that we are examples to our kids wherever we go.  Kids look up to us as they have nobody else.  If we don’t discipline our kids, they will go elsewhere to get that nourishment they are looking for which teach them more about life.  One of these examples are to eat more vegetables for them to get the minerals in their bodies in order for them to have a better attitude in life.  Nothing in life as we see it on TV will be anything like what we have in real life.  So please be an example for your kids for them to have a good life in school & to be well behaved by listening to you as parents in order for you to have a happy & healthy life!


Kids are children who need our undivided attention, not the TV or games or even the movies they watch.  These are nothing because they train their minds on what they see & will try & make it happen when they have no set rules in their lives.  Discipline & making sure they have morals will keep them from harm & lessen their chances of becoming taken by others as they will learn who really loves them & cares for them as they are being brought up in life.  we as parents also have to have morals to live by in order for us to teach our kids what they need to know.  First, we have to get our lives changed to know what we need to have before we try & have families that we want.

Balanced health to increase your daily needs is lived by a manifest in which we need to go by for us to learn more of how to treat our bodies which brings us to be as active as we can be, & learn to bring that energy out in our bodies that we have stored up for so long.  This is the manifest I live by & have learned that it brings me the peace of mind, love for my body & makes my family feel I am as responsible & trusting me for who I can be as I learn to make changes throughout my life.


This manifest will bring you more energy & love from your family as you use it regularly.  It will lessen stress, reduce the wear & tear of your body & bring you better health to increase your daily needs.

Better health to increase your daily needs has many benefits if you stay on track without cutting corners or trying to pay less to get more.  By eating meat, salads, breads, pasta & desserts, you have your 4-5 main food groups that will cover the necessary nutritional levels as you work, play, learn at school & do the necessary tasks in life to have a healthy lifestyle.  Snacks in between meals will  provide you with the fast energy for your body, but the necessary nutrition you get at each meal is what helps your body for the 4-5 hours of doing tasks for home, school & work along with the playing you need to get rid of the stress levels you have, if not playing or exercising which makes your body healthy & balanced.


This food chart designates the most good for your body & what your body needs the most of, but also remember solids need fats to be able to turn into energy for your body to become fit & fully active  as you work & play afterwards.  This is how you balance your body’s needs as you use these food groups to be happy, healthy, wealthy & wise.

Balanced health to increase you daily needs are doing exercises & stretching to provide you more flexibility without being cramped up after sitting for so long when you are at a career or job when sitting all day long.  When not exercising, your body just fills up & adds weight which then is hard to get rid of.  As you increase the weight, your body retains what you add & then it is even harder to get rid of which takes more energy & have to add more fiber back to your body to correct what weight has been put on.  So take the time to have balanced health to increase your body’s daily needs.

home exercises

This is a picture of a woman who is active & doing exercises at home sitting on a chair with a good posture by stretching & keeping her body flexible while there is no activity & can do it peacefully.

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Health at Childhood


Health at Childhood is how my life started when I was born January 26, 1962.  I was born as a miracle baby with 6 health symptoms that has taken a lot of time to overcome.  It has taken until now at 51 years of age to accomplish a lot more than what I could or did when I was at the baby stage of my life.  The symptoms were: 1) poor circulation, 2) blood sugar level, 3) blood pressure level & still are: 1) chronic allergies, 2) slight case of cerebral palsy (memory blockage), 3) pigeon-toed.  Life was hard for me as I was being a baby & my mom had to always see about my health through a physician or doctor.  They would make sure I was still in good enough health to keep me from staying in the hospital.  I was a fighter before I even knew what that word meant.


Health at childhood as a baby, I crawled real fast because I could.  I was happy to be who I was at the time with everyone always around me.  I had fun & loved being the center of attention then.  I would sit on everyone’s lap when we were at a social gathering for all the relatives every summer at the family reunion.  There were always aunts, uncles & cousins who would take care of me when there was an activity to do for adults.  They loved giving me the attention all the time.  At the time the food was ready, I was sitting in a high chair & being fed by spoons & out of a jar.  My mom would change my diapers most of the time unless my aunts or female cousins would do that instead of my mom.  Everyone was always teaching & guiding me on ways to walk.  It was really fun & productive sometimes.  My parents actually taught me after everyone else had tried getting me to walk a lot.  they would use their first forefinger on each hand to help me as I wrapped my fingers around their one finger to keep me balanced & hold me up while I built my muscles in my legs & feet.  My parents took me to church on Sunday mornings & would always learn discipline whether I used it or not.  I would cry some & most of the time just fell asleep & then on Wednesday nights, I would go with my mom because my dad worked at nights.


Health at childhood as I grew up from 2-5 years of age, I got to always have toy metal cars, vehicles & heavy equipment out just as I saw from the car or in pictures from books.  I would create towns & long highways going from my room to the front door & turn around.  I got to always push them one at a time in a line of about 50-100 vehicles without the heavy equipment.  I would stop sometimes & use the heavy equipment on the side to act as if I was really doing heavy dirt hauling & moving dirt elsewhere.  It would take me a few hours as I moved them round trip & would always ruin the knees in my pants.  during that time, I would stay active a lot.  I was a very active kid eating more than 3 meals a day which included a lot of snacks too.  I had breakfast of all types of eggs, bread or toast with butter & jelly or sugar, oatmeal, cream-of-wheat, 3) non-sugared & sugared cereals, bacon, sausage, omelets, bread pudding, etc.  For lunches were usually soups & sandwiches while my mom made supper for us all.

Heavy equipment working on the construction of...

Heavy equipment working on the construction of the Trans-Canada highway, Alberta / Équipement lourd à l’œuvre dans la construction de l’autoroute Transcanadienne, Alberta (Photo credit: BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)



Health at Childhood gave me a very important lesson that I learned later on after all the mess my body has taken & would fight back to become a better & healthier kid & adult.  I was taken to Denver Children’s Hospital a few times during the ages of 2-5.  This was done every 6 months for checkups.  I had a great doctor who knew how to get me to recover when I was low on blood sugar or blood pressure levels.  I had a mishap of being taken to the doctor & waiting with my parents which would happen a lot after playing & not thinking about eating as much & just burn my body down.  My parents would need to keep me thinking about eating when my metabolism was very high Z& I was very energetic.  They would sit me in a high chair & then given a plate of food & just lose consciousness from my blood pressure & sugar levels being low enough.   I once was taken to the hospital to see my doctor for a checkup, & while waiting, I had just let myself relax & fell off of the seat where I was & landed on floor.  I guess I didn’t have much pulse so they took me in & found I didn’t have much blood sugar in me.  I got to stay at hospital when I was 5 years of age.  The doctor gave me sugar & orange juice to really raise my blood sugar up then.  Giving me this skyrocketed my sugar & pressure levels to the max.  Then I got to leave the hospital after a couple of days to start fresh again.

The rebounding blood sugar following undetecte...

The rebounding blood sugar following undetected diabetic hypoglycemia can easily become chronic when the high morning blood sugar data is misjudged to be due to insufficient nighttime insulin delivery. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Health at Childhood gave me a sense of being a curious kid like “Curious George” because I was given permission to get into my parents’ trunk where I was getting something for them & ignored it to get what I thought was something more impressive.  I got a bumper jack out of the trunk instead.  I pulled the bumper jack shaft out like I saw my dad do, but never thought it would be hard to hold onto.  I got it out & it just slid out of my hands & hit my big toenail on my right foot.  That really hurt a lot!  I was crying outside & my parents came out & I got scolded by my dad & my mom comforted me a lot.  They had to take me to the hospital & have the swelling brought down & finally after that, they removed my toenail.  I had my other toenails go bad like that one which was like animal nails.  I had that for a long time.


Health at Childhood gave me a sense of what I was in for as we moved from place to place never giving me any security or knowing what I would do or act afterwards.  When school came time to open, I went to kindergarten at the age of 5.  I was going to school in Denver when we were living off of Mississippi & Pierce.  From there we moved to Space City Center or Lochbuie which was another little spot off of the main highway.  I changed schools & was seeing the country for the first time ever.  From being in kindergarten to being a junior in high school, I stayed there & was a country kid learning how to fight & be pushed around which I thought was no fun when I was younger.  My self-esteem was low & had to get a change to be around other kids in the country, too!


Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Health at Childhood had its goods & bads for experience.  It was quite expensive all the time to go see a doctor when my parents took me in.  They spent so much on my health.  They could have used it somewhere else.  Now I am on my own taking care of myself naturally.   I was taken when a child to see a doctor in order to check my blood pressure & blood sugar levels & also got them in school regularly too.  so nice of my parents & others where I was to be watching all the time.



English: taking blood pressure in PE

English: taking blood pressure in PE (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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