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Active or Inactive

Active or Inactive

Where are you at?  Are you active or inactive?  Read more about being active if you are inactive for any period of time.  relaxing is good after being active for some period of the day.  Active is good for all people.  Activity & doing something is better than no activity at all.  Tasks that you do & doing activities outside or inside will give your body the necessary health & happiness that you & your body acquire.  Your body when active & doing activities shines & keeps your body in great shape.  Active is exercising, running, jogging, walking, working out, doing calisthenics, lifting weights, stretching & moving around continuously.  These activities use up the stored energy you have making blood flow, increase good health, help to remove toxic waste from your body & brings your body to a lively state.  As you are active all day long, your body also needs to keep that energy going by providing it with good & healthy foods like fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals, meat & dairy.  These are the 5 basic food groups that your body needs to produce the energy you need.  Activities for your body will make you grow, make you muscular, bring on good vibes all day long, become who you want, what you want out of life, strengthen you & bring that great personality out that is inside of you.  Eating good after your body is rested will help your body use that food to nourish & bring you the energy when you need to be active again.

Active or inactive & where does this lead you?  Inactive people are not as healthy & need lots of medical attention in various parts of their body.  Being inactive & not trying to get any activity out of your body just fills it up & never moves the blood flow, brings more blood pressure up for longer periods of time, & also creates a lot of health problems if inactive for long periods of time.  Your body will bring on plaque & cholesterol within your arteries, blood vessels, capillaries which drain the heart of your blood as it becomes harder to work & then stops working all together.  Your weight increases, you lose the passion for doing anything, you wonder if you can actually let others see you like this at all, you drop further & further in your comfort zone that destroys how you want to really look & feel about yourself etc.  Your social life decreases as you don’t want others to see you the way you look.  Being inactive also brings on headaches, pain everywhere, your moods sink to very low levels which make you think of eating again just to improve how you feel & your moods also.  Your health drops & you then feel very fatigued after you get out & actually try to be active at all.  Then you are at the limit of not doing anything because you feel you haven’t been able to accomplish anything that you were trying to do.  This is a very vicious cycle your body gets into.  Inactivity will lead you to depression, no sleep, will make life miserable, bring you to a depressive state of mind, body & soul, leave you gasping for breath, & eventually to death.  Living in this type of way will never improve you at all.  I for one had to get out of this stage when I was in a wreck & left me in almost a paralytic stage after having a compressed disc in my lower back where you need to put pressure when leaning over like mopping or pushing a broom.  I learned that when in that stage, you will do almost anything to overcome it & takes twice as long to get rid of the weight & bring a good mood back after taking the prescribed medications from doctors that relieve the pain & stiffness.  It takes a mind, body & nerves of steel to overcome everything that you need to do to work all this down to your stronger self.  This brings you back to needing the active life your body is craving.  I do hope for all of you who read this to pass this along to others you know who are in dire need of becoming active if they are just sitting around without any sense of worth at all.  This means that you will need to take them out & get them moving again even if they don’t want to.

Thanks to all of you who have been impressed by my posts as well as those who are just seeing my blog & posts for the very first time.


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Marketing Healthy Living Through Any Essential Means Necessary

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary is what I have done for me & how I can get others to see what I can do for them.  These few long paragraphs just go into detail about how I have really changed my health for the good.  I am also here to help others who don’t know how to change their unhealthy lifestyle back to a new life.   I love to improve others with their health & show them about their health conditions that leave them in bed & taking meds without any progress of learning what is needed to help them become the people they were once before with life & happiness.  It does take lots of effort to get back life that was once there before.  It took a while to make your body become how it is now & will help to regain what is lost through the rest of this post.

Marketing for my health is absolutely essential as I get my health incredibly better.  Marketing is all about boosting the ways of you niche which mine is health & to take you to the very top of the food chain.  I market my health from what I eat & the amount of exercise I do to bring my body to the maximum health I can.  I also have to do exercises like sit-ups & twists to make my body flexible in areas that are really stiff when just sitting at a table watching TV or doing nothing, etc.  This does nothing to help anyone who is trying to become healthy without the effort.  Here is a saying I once heard, “No pain, no gain.”  So I start off with what I have eaten the last month for breakfast & the supplements I have& still take, & also to increase how my body has reacted.  It has been getting better, but as I go out in the coldest days of December, I am needing to add more to my body as I warm my body up & need energy to create the body temperatures to be out in the cold.  I started off for breakfast with a 10 grain cereal that I cooked within 10 minutes & has fiber along with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  All these nutrients are great & adding juices to help use & break down what you put into your body like I did with hot cereal produces that energy you once had.  These are all used in your body to give you the most benefits & heal or prevent anything your body has, or will get in the near future.  This accounts for colds, flu, cholesterol & heart problems, cancer, menstrual problems for men & women both, mood swings, behavioral problems & all kinds of mental & physical problems that mess with your life & tend to make it harder for you as you raise children.  I had wheatgrass added into my cereal when it doesn’t have everything I need as I am trying to rebuild my broken body.  This was after I waited for my hot cereal to cool off & as I was eating it, I would drink water or juices to keep it from bulking up so much.  I needed those nutrients in my body to get me ready for my walk of almost 10 miles round trip.  This & drinking coffee to start the hot cereal for burning energy & also putting fiber in the parts of my body it needed as I make this walk.  Drinking coffee helps to start your vitamins, minerals & other nutrients to work & improve your body’s broken down conditions & starts to rework it to improve how it works each day.  I walked in 25 degree weather & was snowing some which added to the difficulty of what I would experience for that time learning about how fiber transfers & works in the most needed parts of your body.  This part of my body that had been worked on by adding fiber was & hasn’t been that good for a long time.  I finally got the fiber in the spot of where I had the sciatica at & has taken me to being out in that cold for short periods of time to going for longer periods as I worked to get to that 10 miles.  Fiber is useful in the most needed places to repair your systems & body parts & always good to keep water added so your body takes in all the nutrients it needs.  The stomach digests the food you put in as the rest of your systems in your body use all those nutrients to add & become what you want from the activity or doing activities to be as mobile as you wanted while laid up in bed.  That was my day after 5 hours in the cold & felt good the next day when all the food had finally been removed from the body as the body gets rid of all the waste & toxins that keep you under the weather..

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary provides us a way to make choices that increase how our lives are from beginning to end.  Marketing for my health is a way to let everyone know what they can really do to make their bodies stronger, healthier, repairing injuries & giving their minds the added boost while re-correcting their unhealthy habits, too.  I do this through my actions & the ways I eat.  Health for me means maintaining what I have & keeping a balance by keeping a record of what my body is taking in to actually know whether I am over the line or not.  Marketing for me about health practically gives me something to work for because I have taken the right steps to make myself totally better, but people in the U.S. are in dire need of becoming better than what they are.  So I say, “Health in the U.S. is greatly reduced & we all need to experience something better & use what we had in our traditional ways.”

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary requires a lot of knowledge & perseverance using websites through WordPress & other means to get our message across.  I use my niche of health to show the knowledge & personal experiences to encourage others to become who they want in the health they desire.  Health is a niche in marketing which is considered a part when thinking of a community who need more than just this.  There are other niches that people can get into, but this is my niche & use it for helping others understand, grow & believe in making themselves healthier again.  As we stay healthy, we know how to make use of our time & helping our children become healthy, too.  I love others & am helping them learn about good health & think that since tradition has gone from good to nothing here in the United States, health has gone from good to poor, too.

Marketing healthy living through any essential means necessary proves to me that doctors & other medical professionals have the knowledge, but live by rules & regulations of the medical centers that believe in prescriptions & not using natural health to make us better.  The health administration & others in executive positions are all encouraged to uphold those rules & regulations, but we are given choices or options as to what they can do for us.  There is never anything mentioned about what we can do as patients to get better nutrition because of the free thinking we have, there are people out there looking for cures that aren’t doing what is needed for the body.  This is like working on a car & giving the owner the car back, fixing it with whatever they could come up with & not caring about the outcome at all.  Life isn’t fair, but we need to know what else is out there before we decide to lose what we were given as we only have 1 chance to stay healthy & live as long as we can.

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